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fire delivered on a target that is visible to the person aiming it

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The secret to employing the mortar in the direct fire mode is the incorporation of a breech block and a pivoting base rather than the traditional base plate.
Both services currently have their own control rooms to direct fire crews to the scenes of emergencies.
Both services currently have their own nerve centres to direct fire crews to the scenes of emergencies.
Saab will supply additional simulators for weapons and target systems under the current direct fire weapon effects simulator (DFWES) programme to support mission specific training (MST) at Salisbury Plain in southern England.
embassy has been coming under direct fire for four days in a row," Hussein al-Falluji told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Direct fire against them is ineffective, and the arcing flight of existing grenades means that rounds travel beyond combatants before exploding.
The Military Secretariat, which rules on gongs, will ask for evidence that Cpl Williams was under direct fire.
Crew action: a function performed by the crew to direct fire onto a target; stated upon the completion of the implied task as directed by the fire command.
PNN / Najib Farrag -- Israeli forces opened direct fire on a home in Bethlehem's Al Azzeh Refugee Camp early yesterday.
The high-pres sure barrel would be rifled and offer ranges of under 1000 metres in direct fire and up to 17 km in indirect fire, but the company is adamant that the combination of direct and indirect fire will accept no performance compromise.
Nato and the UNj ointly condemned the "lethal violence, including direct fire by a mob" in the Serb-controlled part of the town of Kosovska Mitrovica.
As they one time told me, the one time their radios don't work, is when you're calling for direct fire.
This range would be well beyond the maximum range of tank main guns or direct fire anti-tank missiles.
Fire control room operator Jennifer Allan, 43, called Kate on her mobile phone and used the sound of sirens to direct fire crews to the scene.
Clearly the direct fire support function can be more easily and cheaply accomplished by placing a more potent weapon on the LAV-TOW vehicle.
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