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evidence (usually the testimony of a witness) directly related to the fact in dispute

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There is consistent but poor quality direct evidence that wind farm noise is associated with annoyance, as well as less consistent, poor quality direct evidence of an association between sleep disturbance and wind farm noise.
The confession was the only direct evidence in the jury trial that the sexual misconduct occurred over a period of at least three months, the appellate court said.
We now have direct evidence for structures around other stars that are directly analogous to the asteroid belt in our solar system.
We have not seen any direct evidence that these bone problems are related to the metabolic disturbances observed in HIV-positive people.
This study provides support for the idea that hormones influence MS, but not direct evidence that oral contraceptives can prevent MS.
We investigated a case of hepatitis E acquired after persons ate wild boar meat, Genotype 3 hepatitis E virus (HEV) RNA was detected in both patient serum and wild boar meat, These findings provided direct evidence of zoonotic foodborne transmission of HEV from a wild boar to a human.
Now researchers have uncovered the first direct evidence that maternal exposure to a phytoestrogen in soy can cause lifelong epigenetic changes--that is, changes in gene activity from processes other than changes in the DNA sequence--in mouse offspring [EHP 114:567-572; Dolinoy et al.
12) Thus, a question remains as to whether direct evidence is required in non-Title VII mixed-motives cases.
Prima Biomed Limited (ASX: PRR) subsidiary, Arthron Pty Ltd, has direct evidence that the receptor being targeted by Arthron is responsible for the release of key inflammatory chemicals responsible for rheumatoid arthritis.
Supreme Court affirmed the Ninth Circuit, holding that direct evidence of discrimination is not required for a worker to obtain a mixed-motive jury instruction under Title VII.
The paleontologists who unearthed the 130-million-year-old fossils in northeastern China announced in October that their find provides the first direct evidence that tyrannosaurs had protofeathers.
In none of these images is there much direct evidence of any overt health hazard--no rodent infestation, no rotting food--just piles and piles of stuff, a sedimentation of acquisition that the artist often seems to find more compelling than upsetting, and more open to interpretation than one might expect.
Plaintiff's counsel argued that recent federal civil rights law amendments do not impose a direct evidence requirement, but rather only require evidence that gender was a "motivating" factor to establish that the employer engaged in an "unlawful employment practice.
4] finding that the plaintiff did not prove that the defendant acted on his allegedly discriminatory bias and stating that "[d]irect evidence of discrimination does not necessarily exist where there is only direct evidence of personal bias"); see also Mosley v.
Studies of marginalia or other annotations made by contemporary readers may tell something about a reader's response; and until we find such direct evidence, relying on interpretative methods has some merit.
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