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dye with a high affinity for cellulose fibers (cotton or rayon etc

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A dye bath was prepared using purified water (1 L) and direct dye (1.
CI Direct Red 8 (Fig 3) is an example of a direct dye.
11] But Bayer was soon rescued by the "discovery" of their own direct dye, actually only a minor chemical alteration of Congo red.
I work in what is called the direct dye method, also known as resist dye painting.
Fiber reactive dyes are better to use rather than direct dyes because, in jersey, direct dyes are prone to bleeding, although there is a price advantage with direct dye.
The patent covers a composition comprised of at least one oxidation dye precursor and at least one acidic direct dye selected from acid red 52, acid violet 2, acid orange 4, acid red 27 and acid yellow 10, with the condition that it does not comprise cationic direct dye.
Unlike direct dye sublimation printers, HDPii virtually matches the color, clarity and vividness of preprinted cards.
The development of an improved product portfolio of the KMS and Goldwell brands, as a result of closer research and development cooperation; "At Goldwell, we recently launched the world's first long-lasting hair color that relies on direct dye technology and works without ammonia or peroxide," explains Biazis.
9,770,397 B2; Kao Germany, Darmstadt, has been awarded a US patent for an oxidative dyeing composition that contains at least one dyestuff selected from oxidative dyestuff precursors and direct dyes, and one or both of avenanthramide and a derivative thereof.
Peskov, In Chemical Technology of Fibrous Materials, Dyeing with direct dyes, Elsevier Scientific Pub.
Adsorptive removal of direct dyes by low cost rice husk: Effect of treatments and modifications.
Consistent with our work, maximum degradation of direct dyes and disperse red 343 with turnip POD and horseradish POD has been observed to be around 50 0C (Schmitt et al.
Tenders are invited for Purchase of Direct Dyes - Direct Green, Direct Yellow, Direct Coca Cola, Direct Blue, Direct Red, Direct Camel Shade, Diazo Black, Diazo Yellow, Diazo Red, Nautic Green, Nautic Blue, Nautic Pink.
Yavuz and Aydin [107] studied the removal of direct dyes (direct yellow 50, direct red 80 and direct blue 71) from aqueous solution using commercial activated carbon.