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a report of the exact words used in a discourse (e

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Within these artifices, the DP could have made use of the other's direct discourse, quoting him directly within quotation marks, or in some verbal way that would give greater space to question the veracity of the information, since it deals with a declaration that needs to be proven before taken as true.
Although he uses several forms, direct discourse, which is a "quotation" of a monologue or a dialogue, is most conspicuous.
According to the Concise Oxford Companion to the English Language there are four types of discourse, namely direct discourse (DD), indirect discourse (ID), free direct discourse (FDD), and free indirect discourse (FID) (McArthur).
From this point on, Bontemps does not return to a communal free direct discourse, but instead intersperses individual interior monologues with direct narration and direct discourse.
In a wonderful exegetical meditation, he observes that sophistication obstructs simple, direct discourse.
Lanser proposes a spectrum of phraseological possibilities ranging from purely narrative discourse--the discourse of the narrator from his/her own perspective and in his/her own voice--to the direct discourse of the characters (1981: 187).
Nonetheless, Jones does try frequently to integrate the intradiegetic character into the extradiegetic narration by more than direct discourse.
Although the miracle of the Septuagint has hardly been repeated, there is substantial agreement between the translations of the prose portions of the text, testifying to the straightforwardness of Dudo's prose style, particularly his direct discourse.
They will be heuristic notions that will enable a statement of history, not in the indirect discourse that relates what others have said and done, but in the direct discourse that presents a systematic theology of the Church's own theological witness, a theology of theologies, and ultimately a theology of God's guidance of theological development.
Austin, and subsequently by John Searle, and starting from the fact that nearly fifty per cent of the Iliad is made up of direct discourse, that is, of speech acts, Richard Martin will envision Homer's heroes as "poetic performers in their own right,"(10) that is, as poet-actors in an agonistic context where competition takes place through exploits of battle and of speech.
Most importantly, 'Atiyya Hanim's story is reported in 'Attiya's direct discourse, while the narrator tells us Fatanat's story in the third person; the reader never gets to know those colorful curses.
In other words, it is impossible for the narrator to portray his younger storytelling self through direct discourse because the fictions cannot be authenticated: there is too much deception circulating to occupy fully a voice.
He weaves together indirect and direct discourse so that the voice of an omniscient narrator is punctuated by conversations so immediate and vivid, they arouse almost a guilty pleasure in overhearing them.
That additional clause, "shall we say," highlights the power of direct discourse for Lear.
Free indirect discourse is not framed within quotation marks as direct discourse would be, but neither is it preceded by third person references to the speaking (or thinking) character and past tense verba dicendi, such as 'she said' or 'she thought,' which characterize simple indirect discourse" (35).