direct current

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an electric current that flows in one direction steadily

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Recently, however, the applications of direct current are growing in terms of both their number as well as their diversity.
2 November 2010 - Finnish transmission system operator (TSO) Fingrid Oyj said yesterday it and Estonian sector company Elering signed a contract for the building of a second direct current link, EstLink 2, between the two countries.
The group will refurbish the stations that convert alternating current to direct current and back on the system.
London, July 15 (ANI): Japanese researchers say that the leakage of power, which results when a gadget converts alternating current to direct current, may be reduced by a third by switching to converters that use gallium nitride transistors rather than silicon ones.
com Alliance & Leicester Premier Direct Current Account* 0.
The 500MW transmission system, which Hill be based on high-voltage direct current technology, will join Woodland, north Dublin, to a site in Deeside, Wales.
I was with Royal Bank of Scotland, but moved to Alliance & Leicester's Premier Direct current account after initially being attracted by the high 8.
An archrival to Thomas Alva Edison, he fought the ``War of the Currents,'' championing the benefits of alternating current over direct current and harnessing the mighty power of Niagara Falls to produce electricity.
The Troll A gas platform in the North Sea is the world's first offshore platform to be powered by a direct current (DC) electricity link originating on land--an achievement with considerable cost and environmental benefits made possible by ABB technologies.
The power conditioner the company has developed transforms direct current power to alternation current power more efficient, reducing electric conversion loss by 18% and achieving the industry's highest power conversion rate of 95.
The company said the components include a hybrid control computer, a battery-monitoring unit, a direct current to direct current (DC-Dc) converter and an electric compressor for air conditioning systems.
Other features include high inductance values up to 3,500 [micro]H, a reduced footprint, low direct current resistance and a current rating up to 1.
At the time, George Westinghouse was selling residents of Manhattan alternating current electricity as a cheaper alternative to Edison's direct current power.
The Hydra-Mag Package operates on either 12- or 24-volt direct current from the existing battery(s) of the crane or excavator that receives the new unit.
Edison, however, who had invested in direct current, deliberately worked to subvert AC to keep his DC portfolio profitable, even if it meant keeping the world forever running on batteries.
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