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the opposition or dissimilarity of things that are compared


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Now, the British-educated crown prince, Sheik Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, will likely begin the process of putting together a new government that may be in direct contrast to the old guard leaders across the Western-backed Gulf Arab states.
In direct contrast, the RIBA awards' national category winner is Marks & Spencer's sustainable store at Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port, by architects Aukett Fitzroy Robinson.
ON the back of falling European markets and in direct contrast to the previous day's gains, the FTSE 100 index weakened yesterday following a fresh drop in crude oil prices and persisting fears over Greece, ending the trading session, down 86.
But his side have struggled in the early stages of qualifying, their performances in direct contrast to that of Wales.
This support for veterans is in direct contrast to those who think that Muslims are not patriotic to America
The wide-body nametag in the UK came from the pumped up styling cues which were in direct contrast to the cars sold in Japan where, in order to meet vehicle dimensions, the wide body bling bits were outlawed.
Our decision making was poor and that was in direct contrast to a Motherwell side who played well.
She added this was in direct contrast to what the bosses had told the committee late last year.
In direct contrast to recent philosophical quarrels about the existence and nature of God, and human relationships with the divine, Kenny, a former Roman Catholic Priest and Master of Balliol College, Oxford, asks a few simple and startling questions: Is it possible, as humans, to prove the existence of God?
All of which was in direct contrast to the musical accompaniment to Scotland's never-to-be-forgotten World Cup victory in Oslo a few days earlier.
In direct contrast to Hopkins, De La Hoya does get out of shape between fights, as most fighters do.
Our picture is in direct contrast to London and the South-east, where the first signs of a slowdown in the housing market have started to appear.
Such revelry was in direct contrast to those party poopers in the Safeway press office who booked one of plush St James's Street's trendiest bars for their gig -- only for most of them to shove off home before some of their guests had even arrived.
There has been virtually no media coverage of the Lott/Whitley findings in the daily press, in direct contrast to the hoop-la which accompanied the Donohue report.
In direct contrast, neighboring Fairfield county struggled to cope with the effects of corporate retrenchments, seeing sluggish leasing, negative absorption, and an increase in availability.