direct action

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a protest action by labor or minority groups to obtain their demands

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Through its website, Donor Direct Action makes it possible for individuals around the world to learn firsthand through videos and testimonials about the frontline work of women leaders and to support this work with online contributions.
Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott's Direct Action plan is slated to pass the Senate after the government won the support of the Palmer United Party, or PUP, and other crossbench senators after making concessions.
In a statement Cuadrilla condemned illegal direct action against its staff and operations.
We built a committee of community members who believe in direct action as a primary tactic.
In June 2002, Travelers filed a motion asking the bankruptcy court to prohibit the ever-growing number of direct action lawsuits that sought to reopen the 1986 orders.
The matter necessitates not just verbal protest, but pressuring the US for direct action," he added.
Because the actual mechanism of DMAE action was not defined and there were no references in the literature regarding its direct action on fibroblasts, this study was performed to evaluate the direct action of DMAE on cultured human fibroblasts.
Summary: The direct action group has threatened to occupy hundreds of British high-street shops on the last Saturday before Christmas.
We recognize that there's been a strategic shift away from the direct action, episodic kinds of tactics, which have their place, but frankly, in this particular kind of war .
A spokesperson for the planned camp said there would be direct action against companies linked to the aviation industry.
They urged eco warriors outside the airport to talk to them about global warming rather than take direct action today as they are threatening.
The evolving nature of warfare demands that we review policies; for example, in the case of expeditionary medals, we must review how we define the operating 'box'--whether it is the theater of direct action, or whether it might extend far beyond," said David Chu, under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness.
On October 2, Mahatma Gandhi's birthday, police arrested seventy-eight activists who were engaged in nonviolent direct action outside the Alliant Techsystems corporate headquarters.
I'm not convinced that such direct action would not lead instead to editorials about our "lawlessness.
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