dire straits

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a state of extreme distress

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That's the early laid-back Dire Straits of Making Movies rather than the Mondeo rock of Brothers in Arms, so it's by no means a bad thing and Sermon on the Rocks is a quietly terrific album.
After early stints as a teacher and journalist, Mark, a prodigious guitar talent, led Dire Straits to chart success with the classic Sultans of Swing in 1979.
Knopfler and Illsley are the only founding members of Dire Straits to remain in the line up from 1977-1995 during which time they sold more than 120 million albums.
But then, the global economy is also in dire straits which politicians have constantly assured us, is set to turn yet another corner.
We'd been presented with the opportunity to put a band together to play at a charity show at the Albert Hall, and as I'd recently discovered Terence Reis and heard him performing some Dire Straits songs rather brilliantly, it seemed the logical thing to do to form a band around him," he adds.
They had been presented with the opportunity to play at a charity show at the Royal Albert Hall and as Alan had recently 'discovered' Terence Reis and heard him performing some Dire Straits songs, it seemed the logical thing to do would be to form a band around him.
Sultans of Swing, his very first single with Dire Straits back in 1978, brought rapturous applause and the epic Telegraph Road - not far short of 15 minutes long - is as good a storming show finale as you're ever likely to hear.
The Arab Spring Stages -- By Dire Straits' Hits In addition to their glorious music, Dire Straits proved to be prescient in their choice of song titles.
Among the new material, he'll also be playing Dire Straits tunes at the concert on May 19.
However, when the Dire Straits frontman picked up on that particular catchy lyric he was actually predicting the future of the England cricket team.
DIRE Straits may be consigned to the annals of music history, but that doesn't mean fans have missed out on the chance to hear their back catalogue played live.
The Office for National Statistics has revealed that Brits have been buying rock songs of Queen, Abba and Dire Straits in greater numbers than almost anything else.
In 1997, Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler played Redcar Bowl with his band the Notting Hillbillies.
THE DJ who discovered Dire Straits left almost pounds 1.
The 60 year-old Dire Straits bass layer is now the owner of the East nd Arms in the New Forest, and works hands-on with the staff when eeded.