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Voir dire is the first opportunity counsel may have to address the individuals who decide the fate of their clients.
Dire singer ''I found Terence on the internet,'' Alan reveals.
I would imagine it was pretty similar for Dire Straits.
In the mid-80s, when Dire Straits had released Brothers in Arms, one of the best selling albums of all time, they were tagged the biggest band in the world and delivered an unforgettable set during Live Aid in 1985.
Dire car chases, dire fights, dire villains (robber holds knife's blunt side to hostage's throat), dire plots (building society manager applies online for a loan to pay a drug debt, only to discover it takes three working days).
After early stints as a teacher and journalist, Mark, a prodigious guitar talent, led Dire Straits to chart success with the classic Sultans of Swing in 1979.
Dire lies southwest of the ancient desert trading outpost of Timbuktu and close to the town of Lere were nine soldiers were killed in an attack on Thursday claimed by the separatist rebel Coordination of Movements for Azawad (CMA).
Mr Flanagan said: "The humanitarian situation in Gaza remains dire and it is clear that significant resources will be required to meet both immediate needs and longer term recovery reconstruction.
Dire Tannery, located in the north-western part of Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, has been selected as winner of the regional award for Africa in the Fourth Tannery of the Year competition.
THE bass guitarist from chart-topping band Dire Straits is heading to Wales this autumn.
HYDERABAD -- The traders of 'Anaaj Mandi' Market Tower on Thursday observed shutter down strike following the demand of extortion and threats of dire consequences to them by the extortionists and criminals.
CASE Construction Equipment brought the Dire States tour to Washington D.
HLG CEO and managing director, Jose Antonio Lopez-Monis, said the contract with DIRE is of great significance to HLG.
CHAKWAL -- Six persons including three CNG owners were booked by city police, Chakwal, as they attacked the staff of Sui gas department and threatening them of dire consequences.
Another mesmerising show of indifference that demonstrates what dire straits the music industry is in.