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a painting or carving (especially an altarpiece) on two panels (usually hinged like a book)

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The final work is an installation composed of four different elements, each one expressing a different aspect and meditation on Sobibor: the maps, which appear in two forms (large paper-thin porcelain tablet diptychs and 1.
2) for 120,000 [pounds sterling], a very fine diptych likely from its workmanship to be from Paris.
Kay WalkingStick: An American Artist" features both well-known works, such as WalkingStick's "Chief Joseph" series and hallmark diptychs, as well as never-before-seen works.
Devotional diptychs with subjects such as the Madonna on one panel and the Man of Sorrows or the Crucifixion on the other had already existed in Italo-Byzantine art of the previous century, but their popularity grew during the fourteenth century as personal devotion increased (Belting; Schmidt).
Today, we're familiar with the neo-classical, clean look but originally diptychs were painted and gilded.
1cm each and just 7mm thick, were attached at the hinge to forma diptych, used for private prayer.
Metzger, and Ron Spronk, opens with two essays that introduce early Netherlandish diptychs and pendant paintings, then catalogues forty examples by such masters as Jan van Eyck, Rogier van der Weyden, Hugo van der Goes, and Jan van Scorel, and finally concludes with an appendix summarizing the technical findings for each work.
The body as commodity reigns supreme in diptychs like Beauty Pageant Contestant/Topless Dancer (2000/2002) and Coal Miners/Male Exotic Dancers (2000/2006) with its sober images of tired, grimy miners opposite G-string-clad sex workers.
finds something new in the early modern books of hours and devotional diptychs of the Netherlands: real people.
He was a grand finalist in the Wallace Art Awards 2003 and his exhibition, Boots and Suits--tramper diptychs, is showing in Wellington this month.
argues that the book was composed as a literary unity, consisting of 26 diptychs.
Reminiscent of occasionally haunting canvases by David Salle, diptychs that juxtapose High and Low Art, the UN Studio prints are characteristically attentive to surface (not unlike, perhaps entirely by chance, )aintings several decades ago by the artist Audrey Flack).
Another format, popular with the aristocracy, was the small diptych, which Dagmar Eichberger links, in "Devotional Objects in Book Format: Diptychs in the Collection of Margaret of Austria and her Family," in format and function to the book of hours.
The results of their efforts were two paintings; diptychs of a single location in De Kalb during peace and at war.
Jones until February 15, then still lifes and diptychs by Daniel Conant.