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Brearley, (2011) reported increase in survival rates of Dipterocarp seedlings when inoculated with ECM fungi, such as Scleroderma, Pisolithus and Tomentella.
Another group found that rice husk charcoal is also effective and convenient to use in inoculation of dipterocarp seedlings.
Mori S, Marjenah (2000) A convenient method for inoculating dipterocarp seedlings with the ectomycorrhizal fungus, Scleroderma columnare.
The forest in Gunung Palung is changing, however, following a decade of intensive dipterocarp logging in huge timber concessions surrounding the park.
Because seed predators can't find food outside the park, they move inside to eat the dipterocarp seeds before they germinate.
In Southeast Asia's dipterocarp forests, for example, logging operations generally penetrate previously inaccessible primary forest, and loggers may remove up to 40 percent of the standing timber volume and leave between 15 and 40 percent of the ground with no forest cover.
In 1977, other researchers found a dipterocarp, which they named Pakaraimaea dipterocarpacea, in Guyana.
Burslem 2005 Reproduction of dipterocarps during low intensity masting events in a Bornean rain forest.
Dipterocarp seedlings native to more nutrient-rich soil suffered greater rates of herbivory on mature leaves when planted in the nutrient-poor site; in contrast, species native to the nutrient-poor soil suffered mature leaf herbivory equally on both soil types.
Slik attributes this to selective logging of dipterocarps, which are dominant as a family, but often rare as individual species.
Although the title suggests that the thesis focuses on dipterocarps in general, most of the emphasis is on one key dipterocarp species, namely Shorea leprosula, which occurs from southern Thailand to Sumatra and Borneo.
In some areas, for example at Bukit Semanggit, Dayak forest gardens (tembawang) occur where certain dipterocarps such as tempurau are nurtured for the periodic harvesting of the oil-containing nuts.
reported for the dipterocarp tree Shorea ovalis of the humid forests of
Ports 2005 Soil-related floristic variation in a hyper-diverse dipterocarp forest.