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Mori S, Marjenah (2000) A convenient method for inoculating dipterocarp seedlings with the ectomycorrhizal fungus, Scleroderma columnare.
Arboreal arthropods were collected by insecticidal knockdown fogging in a Dipterocarp lowland rain forests of Kinabalu National Park (500-650 meters a.
Dipterocarp forest can be found round the foothill margins of the Cagayan valley.
That invisible line running between the islands of Bali and Loinbok--Wallace's Line--divides the living worlds of Asia and Australia, with elephants, pheasants, and towering Dipterocarp trees found on one side and marsupials, cockatoos, and Eucalyptus on the other.
More than 50 different species of Bornean dipterocarp trees synchronize their reproduction--limiting fruit and seed production to brief, intense periods.
In 1977, other researchers found a dipterocarp, which they named Pakaraimaea dipterocarpacea, in Guyana.
This concession was, at the time, covered by ancient forest which is exceptionally valuable because trees of the Dipterocarp family are dominant.
Tsukamoto J, Sabang J (2005) Soil macro-fauna in an Acacia mangium plantation in comparison to that in a primary mixed dipterocarp forest in the lowlands of Sarawak, Malaysia.
Brearley, (2011) reported increase in survival rates of Dipterocarp seedlings when inoculated with ECM fungi, such as Scleroderma, Pisolithus and Tomentella.
To examine how the accompanying changes in land areas and temperature have affected the genetic properties of rainforest trees in the region, we investigated the phylogeographic patterns of a widespread dipterocarp species, Shorea leprosula.
It consists mainly of patches of residual forest and dipterocarp forest.
The main vegetation type in the area is dipterocarp forests, although montane forests are found above 1,200 m.
Baillie IC, Ashton PS (1983) Some soil aspects of the nutrient cycle in mixed Dipterocarp forests in Sarawak.
In Southeast Asia's dipterocarp forests, for example, logging operations generally penetrate previously inaccessible primary forest, and loggers may remove up to 40 percent of the standing timber volume and leave between 15 and 40 percent of the ground with no forest cover.
A small sample was tentatively identified by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy as from a tree of the genus Dipterocarp (R.