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The area is predominantly dominated by dwarf trees, grasses and few dipterocarp trees not fit for commercial purposes.
Floristic plant geography on the dipterocarp forest of Xishuangbanna.
Rare lowland dipterocarp forest rings the outer fringe of the island, reaching to within meters of the coast before giving way to mangrove forest or, more often, developed land.
The forest formations and community ecology of the mixed dipterocarp forests of the aseasonal wet Indonesian archipelago is well summarised, but dipterocarp-rich forests of seasonal continental Asia less so.
Mathews, Philippine dipterocarp forests (Manila, Bureau of Printing, 1914), quoted in Roth, 'Philippine forests and forestry: 1565-1920', p.
2016, Testing the importance of a common ectomycorrhizal network for dipterocarp seedling growth and survival in tropical forests of Borneo.
Among these seedlings are Lawaan, Tanguili, Bagtikan, Red Lawaan, Kalingaw, Kalumpit and Talisay Gubat, all dipterocarp (a family of genera and species of mainly tropical lowland rainforest trees).
R, Tang S, Hashidoko Y Salkowski is reagent test as a primary screening index for functionalities of rhizobacteria isolated from wild dipterocarp saplings growing naturally on medium-strongly acidic tropical peat soil.
2011) also carry the tropical rain forest peat swamp timberlands with mangrove forests and dipterocarp forests (Mohd-Azlan 2006).
Long-term monitoring of post-fire aboveground biomass recovery in a lowland dipterocarp forest in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Again, the forest changed quickly, and we were soon enveloped by the majestic dipterocarp forest typical of lowland areas.
Impact of Long-Term Forest Enrichment Planting on the Biological Status of Soil in a Deforestated Dipterocarp Forest in Perak, Malaysia, Vol.
2004) Soil-related habitat specialization in dipterocarp rain forest tree species in Borneo.
Allometric equation for estimating the above-ground biomass in tropical lowland Dipterocarp forests.
Soil macro-fauna in an Acacia mangium plantation in comparison to that in a primary mixed dipterocarp forest in the lowlands of Sarawak, Malaysia.