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a graduated rod dipped into a container to indicate the fluid level

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Sensors on the male monarch butterfly's penis may detect the volume of sperm directly, like the dipstick in a car's oil tank.
Operations director Lesley Mitchell is so impressed with the positive impact that such `young blood' has had on the business that Dipsticks is offering its assistance to the Aspire campaign and encouraging other businesses to follow their lead.
Dipstick urinalysis was carried out before flow cytometry analysis, using Combur 10-Test M strips and a Miditron automated reflectance photometer (Boehringer Mannheim) (13).
Remove the reservoir dipstick from the filler neck.
Is it clinically correct to perform a dipstick on the urine and--if it is negative for leukocyte esterase--to eliminate the staining process?
The new Fel-Pro oil pan gaskets -- #1880, #1881 and #1882 -- cover dozens of small-block V8 engines requiring a thick front seal, left- or right-hand dipstick configuration or straight side rails.
Chembio also announced that the company's HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK, HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK Dipstick and SURE CHECK(R) HIV tests have been evaluated and recommended for use in Zambia.
With the engine running and the transmission in neutral, pull the dipstick to measure the oil level.
The one-step dipstick test device will be marketed under the trade name Uni-Gold Ovulation Prediction Test.
Chembio, whose HIV STAT-PAK(TM) Dipstick is part of the national testing protocol in Uganda, established a regional office in Tanzania in June 2005 led by Dr.
FMTV LTAS (long term armor strategy) trucks with serial number 705248 and above should already have this new dipstick.
The dipstick test provides accurate results in five minutes, with a sensitivity of 97% and specifity of 95%, according to a company release.
But if you're like a lot of drivers, you probably don't even know where the dipstick is.
Slowly pour 1 3/4 quarts of new oil into the filler cap hole, periodically checking the dipstick for the proper fill level.