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Synonyms for dipsomania

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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New opportunities in the West for fat dipsomaniacs who never turn off the telly and love Top Gear and travel agents.
The dipsomaniacs that returned late into the night from their pubs and made their customary urinovomitive halt in the sheltering murk of Sergeant Levarda sometimes found themselves with their noses against the window beyond which kaleidoscopic shapes were twisting and spinning and wobbling, rhodochrosite crystals that liqueified into throbbing exotic flowers sprouting lanceolate protuberances, quills that multiplied like a porcupine's, swords that blunted into milestones, into Gaelic cairns, then they rounded into seeds, swelled into colored drupes, into ink-blue blastulae, then into indigo morulae, so that in the end it all coalesced into one single large zygote of fluorescent plasma, hovering in the dark as if in a black hole.
Roedd yn arfer bod yn ganwr gyda'r grwp Dipsomaniacs Ei uchelgais oedd bod yn feddyg - does ryfedd felly iddo fachu ar y cyfle i actio yn Holby City yn ddiweddar
only, to use the quaint label of yore, dipsomaniacs in various stages of disease, committed, to a greater or lesser degree, to the constant acceptance of the only known "cure" for their condition: abstinence.
They have repeatedly forgiven some of their more valuable dipsomaniacs for brawling in nightclubs, taxis and anywhere else that took their drink- befuddled fancy, but Bosnich's lapse, we're asked to believe, was an intolerable affront to their code of chemical rectitude.