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Synonyms for dipsomania

an intense persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess

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The dipsomaniacal Paul regrets the day he picked up the bottle.
When the dipsomaniacal Princess Margaret was alive, I coined for her the unofficial motto "It never reigns, but it pours," but my favourite was inspired by watching drunken British holidaymakers behaving very badly indeed, somewhere in the Med: "Travel won't broaden the mind, if there's no mind to broaden.
The protagonist is a dipsomaniacal writer named Erling Vik, whose numerous love relationships form the core of the book.
This prefigured emerging gendered notions of intemperance which regarded drunkenness as basically a male vice that afflicted women through the abuse visited upon them by dipsomaniacal husbands and fathers.
A vivid and stinging play about theatre people" is how the New York Times describes The Country Girl, Clifford Odets's backstage drama about a washed-up, dipsomaniacal actor and his long-suffering wife.