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The Debye equation could be used to estimate the permittivity of a gas if both the polarizability and the dipole moment were known from experiment.
The large values of both |delta~|mu~ and the transition dipole moments were consistent with the large |beta~ values which we have measured.
m]; polymer side chains are oriented with the polymer main chains, and angle [gamma] between the transition dipole moment vector of an absorbing group in the side chain and the chain axis changes by the orientation of the main chain during the generation of orientational birefringence.
In every atom ever measured, no such dipole moment exists.
Total dipole moment (DM) for particular alkanols increased with the strength of the field applied.
R1234yf has all the strongly electronegative fluorine atoms on one side of the double bond, which results in a large dipole moment ([mu] = 2.
The catalytic activity of Mn(II) dicarboxylate-terephthalic acid with dielectric constant, dipole moment, and solvent boiling point (which is maximum for acetonitrile) increased through this method.
To gain an improved understanding of the mechanisms contributing to the dipole moment collapse, Lijun Liu, from California Institute of Technology, and Peter Olson from Johns Hopkins University, US, have performed numerical calculations to show that mixing in Earth's outer core is the culprit.
Infrared absorption requires a change in the dipole moment and therefore is extremely useful for the identification of groups like the OH and the .
2+]) was interacted with the nitroaniline to form other compounds and the dipole moment of compounds can be increased (25-27).
Changing this position also altered the orientation of the dipole moment, which is related to a molecule's charge and determines its interaction with water and other molecules.
They highlight new results and developments in such topics as neutron electric dipole moment searches, neutron optics and interferometry, Standard Model tests using neutron beta decay, neutron facilities, neutron polarimetry, and nucleon-nucleon interactions.
The difference in the diameter of fibers synthesized in polar or non-polar solvents can be explained by the relatively high-dielectric constant and dipole moment of polar solvents (19).
10] from the experimental limit on the electric dipole moment of the neutron.