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Synonyms for dipole

a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles separated by a small distance

an aerial half a wavelength long consisting of two rods connected to a transmission line at the center

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m] which corresponds to the dipole model, and the magnetization [?
Award procedure: Contract award without tw according to 3 paragraph 5 l vol / a 2012 name of the contracted company industrieanlagen- betriebsgesellschaft mbh, ensteinstrasse 20, 85521 ottobrunn eu cropis fm magnetic dipole measurement map bigger map view social bar 2 clicks for more privacy only when you click here, the button becomes active and you can send your recommendation to facebook.
When the elements of the folded dipole and the Alford loop are combined, the desired impedance match can be achieved using the properties of a folded dipole, and the desired radiation pattern can be reached from the Alford loop shape.
This, in turn, allowed them to gather the first real evidence of the existence of the Dipole Repeller, which sits in the same axis as the Shapley Concentration.
The Met office has also forecast normal rainfall and slightly above normal snowfall in February, as both the global wind patterns- the La-Nina and Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) - have become neutral.
In the past, extensive finite element modeling (FEM) of wave propagation signals has been done (by the author and co-authors) using dipole sources (to simulate acoustic emission sources), for example in steel [1] and aluminum [2] plates.
They used high-frequency magnetic materials in a dipole coil structure to build a thin, flat transmitter (Tx) system shaped in a rectangle with a size of 1m2.
It consist a top loaded dipole for lower frequency, two longer dipoles for middle frequency and two shorter dipoles for upper frequency.
According to Acutus, the ystem can detect and display both the standard voltage based maps as well as the higher resolution dipole density maps.
Yagi antenna is directional antenna also it carries a standard dipole antenna into different form.
Ask the students to align the direction of the "N" and "S" ends of the bar magnet and the disc magnet so that the arrangement of the dipole small magnets can be easily drawn in the disc magnet.
Axially chiral biphenyls having conformationally restricted and unresticted cores were investigated for dipole moment at B3LYP/6-31G(d) method of DFT(density functional theory).
In subsequent field and laboratory trials, numerous elasmobranch species have been documented to orient toward and bite at prey-simulating dipole electric fields (Kalmijn, 1971; Tricas, 1982; Kajiura and Holland, 2002; Kajiura, 2003).
3] studied the problem of a dipole at the interface of an anisotropic plasma interface.
A diamond dipole antenna (Figure 3(a)) has been designed to be incorporated with a textile AMC waveguide jacket.