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a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles separated by a small distance

an aerial half a wavelength long consisting of two rods connected to a transmission line at the center

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Instead, our planet's spin organizes the convective motions in the outer core to produce a strong dipolar field closely aligned with the rotation axis.
The origin of dielectric response lies in the presence of ionic charges only, unlike the traditional dipolar contribution.
Seccion 8210-9250 pies de registros de pozo gamma ray (GR), sonico (Vp), dipolar (Vs) y densidad (RHOZ) asociados a la unidad de interes.
The dielectric parameter appears at low temperature are mainly due to small movements of dipolar cells.
With appropriately formed amplitude functions and operators for electric dipolar moment, the intensity is equally well calculated in other coordinate systems; vide infra.
42mm pere is a kink in pe C'(+) 10 Hz which is a dipolar response.
unlike in previous studies, and the interaction reversal from dipolar to exchange interaction in 8 at.
Due to its loss tangent, ethanol couples better than methanol with microwave irradiation which induces dipolar polarization as a consequence of dipole-dipole interactions of polar molecules with the electromagnetic field (Perreuz & Loupy 2006).
Other pericyclic reactions are in the same category: dipolar cyclo-additions, photochemical 2+2 reactions, and so on.
Heating induces crosslinking by 1,3 dipolar cycloaddition between an azide and an alkyne to give a 1,3 triazole linkage, resulting in a very stable structure.
The compounds are formed by mixing an elastomer containing unsaturated carbon-carbon bonds in its molecular structure, with a reinforcing inorganic filler silica in the presence of an alkyl alkoxysilane and a non-sulfur coupling agent that binds to the rubber back bone with an "ene" linkage or a 1,3 dipolar addition linkage.
As an example, if we chose the monopolar, dipolar, and quadrupolar terms, ie m - 2, thus we obtained the quantities
1]H) are called dipolar and give relatively clear signals, while those with larger spins (like [sup.
Chemical treatments produce dipolar defects and reduced [E.
When the Indo-Pacific warm pool shows a dipolar sea surface temperature anomaly or the central Pacific tends to cool in spring, then the WPSH will be strong and stable with ensuing greater summer monsoon rainfall over the East Asian monsoon front and the Ganges River Valley in India, but fewer tropical storms will affect East Asian coastal areas and the western subtropical Pacific.