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a pair of equal and opposite electric charges or magnetic poles separated by a small distance

an aerial half a wavelength long consisting of two rods connected to a transmission line at the center

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Actually, classical EEG models assume that there are only dipolar sources so that [m.
One hence expect dipolar self-assembly of linear CNT aggregates across the gap only at frequencies higher than this value.
However, their "omnipolar" virtues, chiefly their radiating pattern, moots all surround competition and the curious debate between bipolar and dipolar designs.
The dipolar dephasing spectra also show that the peak near 105 ppm, usually attributed to the anomeric acetal carbon of polysaccharides, persists and therefore a large proportion of this signal cannot be attributed to acetal groups (Wilson et al.
Equation (6) assumes a single dipolar relaxation which is broader than ideal.
The beginning of membrane cell goes back to mid 1970s that was as unipolar and dipolar, but this technology was not accepted commercially at that time.
Though the signals were still complicated, a careful NMR theoretical analysis showed that certain peaks could indeed be assigned to specific interactions--called dipolar coupling and J-coupling--that were previously thought to be intractable for quadrupolar nuclei.
The basic resin system cured at 413 K shows a simple TSD trace consistent of a dipolar relaxation peak centered initially at,338 K and a higher temperature space charge peak (Fig.
The topics include modifying carbon nanotubes by layer-by-layer assembly approach, the theoretical analysis of nanotube functionalization and polymer grafting, grafting polymers on nanotubes by atom transfer radical polymerization, and the organic functionalization of nanotubes by dipolar cycloaddition.
plainer mod dipolar men (men with reversible names like Bob and Judge Gduj)
The dipolar PAH and archaeal magnetite in the setting of digoxin induced sodium potassium ATPase inhibition can produce a pumped phonon system mediated frohlich model superconducting state [22] inducing quantal perception with nanoarchaeal sensed gravity producing the orchestrated reduction of the quantal possibilities to the macrosopic world [4,22].
Hybrid mode dispersion characteristic dependencies of cylindrical dipolar glass waveguides on temperatures, Electronics and Electrical Engineering 106(10): 83-86.
Dielectric relaxation can be a result of dipolar and induced polarization, lattice-phonon interactions, defect diffusion, higher multipole interactions, or the motion of free charges.
We believe that the catalyst acts through its dipolar ion properties of the amino acid [[sup.
As one dimension collapses, it diverts the electric field from infinity back to the origin, thus creating a dipolar field in the lower dimension.