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visual impairment in which an object is seen as two objects

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Acute diplopia as the presenting sign of silent sinus syndrome.
Persistent diplopia following Streptococcus suis type 2 meningitis.
In our case, diplopia completely improved approximately four months after the incident and orbital movements returned to normal.
Six months later, the patient represented with diplopia, but this time had signs of a left sided VIth cranial nerve palsy.
Fixation instability and inability to maintain binocular fusion will result in intermittent diplopia and blur (Cockerham et al.
This is the first time that Turkey is hosting the Diplopia Congress.
Neuro-Opthalmic Problems (Pupils, Diplopia, Vision loss, Papilledema)
Subsequent hypnotic imagery and posthypnotic suggestion were accompanied by significantly improved control of pain, sitting balance, and diplopia and a return to ambulatory capacity within 2 wks of beginning treatment with hypnosis.
Finally, damage to the peripheral or central vestibular system, including brainstem, cortex, and cerebellum, may cause nystagmus, blurred vision, or diplopia secondary to a skew deviation.
A 25- year-old woman with complaints of fluctuating extraocular muscle weakness, ptosis, and diplopia since 3 years was examined.
Adverse events were dizziness (37%), which was transient and usually ceased as patients adjusted to the medication; headache (18%), fatigue, and nasopharyngitis (14% each); and diplopia, abnormal vision, and upper respiratory tract infection (13% each).
At 15:40 hours acetaminophen 1 gr IV was administrated for analgesia; immediately the patient exhibited diplopia, respiratory failure with superficial breathing, asthenia, dysarthria.
Monocular diplopia is double vision in one eye - this continues even when you completely cover the unaffected eye.
He was then lost to follow-up and again presented a month later with diplopia.