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Dangerfield, the young diplomatist was doubly careful as to the relations he might form at the beginning of his sojourn in the United States.
It was in this manner he expressed himself, while the young diplomatist wondered what he was waiting for and whether he ought to slip something into his palm.
He was a brilliant conversationalist, as was to be expected from a successful diplomatist, even under unstimulating conditions.
The world must remain in a reverent doubt as to whether he would, on the same principles, have presented a diplomatist to a dipsomaniac or a ratiocinator to a rat catcher.
The man walking with the lady was no other than the eminent Prince Borodino, who was at least as famous as a distinguished diplomatist ought to be, in the interests of what is called secret diplomacy.
I heard a noise and I came out," answered the diplomatist, and his face was too dark in the shadow for its expression to be read.
Let us hope we shall find him as happily employed," remarked the diplomatist.
Still, you are a fellow countryman and a budding diplomatist.
Crawley, as a diplomatist, was exceedingly proud of his own skill in speaking the French language (for he was of the world still), and not a little pleased with the compliments which the governess continually paid him upon his proficiency.
The reception was attended by Nabih Berri, Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon, Ayub Hamid, Representative of the Prime Minister, Sejaan Azzi, Minister of Labor, Gibran Basil, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigrants, a number of senior Lebanese officials, diplomatists, senior military and security officers and media officials, in addition to a number of political, consulate, economic and social figures.
The delegation within two groups coming from Ankara and Amsterdam and consist of a number of diplomatists to visit Egypt to join another delegation that arrived yesterday.
As the active advocate in the Reform Movement of 1898, Qichao Liang suggested that "self-strengthening was the first and foremost pursuit and should be followed by translation of Western works" (279; unless indicated otherwise, all translations are mine) and for Protestant missionaries like John Fryer, "the fact that the Translation Department has been established and kept up so long by the Government argues well for the future prospects of China, as it shows that whatever may be the national pride in her antiquated literature, or whatever may be her attitude towards the diplomatists of foreign powers, or the missionaries of foreign religions, she recognized the fact that knowledge is confined to no nation or country.
The Foreign policy thrust of Nigeria's international relations has continued to generate intellectual discourse among diplomatists, academics and foreign policy experts over the years.
Right or wrong, India's Pakistan policy has always been driven by the gut instincts of the prime ministers rather than the carefully crafted approaches by the diplomatists," Mohan wrote on Tuesday in The Indian Express.
3]te d'Ivoire, Ali Ajami, received at his residence at Cocodi region in Abidjian condolences from Arab and Foreign diplomatists, Ivoirian political officials and Lebanese Diaspora for the unfortunate Ethiopians plane which fell three minutes after taking off from Beirut International Airport.
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