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Dangerfield, the young diplomatist was doubly careful as to the relations he might form at the beginning of his sojourn in the United States.
It was in this manner he expressed himself, while the young diplomatist wondered what he was waiting for and whether he ought to slip something into his palm.
The man walking with the lady was no other than the eminent Prince Borodino, who was at least as famous as a distinguished diplomatist ought to be, in the interests of what is called secret diplomacy.
I heard a noise and I came out," answered the diplomatist, and his face was too dark in the shadow for its expression to be read.
Let us hope we shall find him as happily employed," remarked the diplomatist.
I shall be in a fever until I see you again," cried the diplomatist.
is a diplomatist possessing absolute authority on condition that he
He was diplomatic enough during dinner, but when, over the cigars, three of the younger men--Simon the doctor, Brown the priest, and the detrimental O'Brien, the exile in a foreign uniform--all melted away to mix with the ladies or smoke in the conservatory, then the English diplomatist grew very undiplomatic indeed.
The next instant the moon and the tall poplars looked at an unusual sight --an elderly English diplomatist running hard and crying or bellowing as he ran.
Crawley, as a diplomatist, was exceedingly proud of his own skill in speaking the French language (for he was of the world still), and not a little pleased with the compliments which the governess continually paid him upon his proficiency.
You are very young, Monsieur Mordaunt, for this difficult task of ambassador, in which the oldest diplomatists often fail.
But what was the ventilation of such a secret to him whose craft had for twenty years deceived all the diplomatists of Europe?
Are kings, soldiers, and diplomatists exceptions to the general rule of humanity?
Sailors, too - plenty of them - and just a few diplomatists.
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