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the body of diplomatic personnel

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Throughout his time in the diplomatic service, Fischer never forgot the lepers in Beijing, deciding in 1985, with his late wife Ann's backing, to start a new life in India and set up a leprosy hospital.
Awards were also made to Sir Emyr Jones Parry, who has been the UK's representative to the United Nations since 2003, in recognition of his achievements within the diplomatic service, and to The Right Honourable Lord Roberts of Conwy, for his contribution to political life, particularly in the field of Welsh affairs.
Another reported that the Netherlands was accepting gay couples into the diplomatic service on the same basis as straight couples.
Rohan has held a variety of posts in his 40-year career in the Austrian diplomatic service.
Roger Short, 58, had been looking forward to moving into his country home after a glittering career in the diplomatic service, friends said.
But, though Stockholm was (and in many ways remains) the most important posting in the Finnish diplomatic service, the embassy had to work out of cramped and sometimes temporary quarters.
Steven Simon, former head of the British diplomatic service warned that high civilian casualties and a long, drawn-out campaign would heighten the risk of terrorist strikes.
He will be replacing the current charge d'affaires, Jim Hoare, who will be retiring from the diplomatic service.
Significantly, he also calls for "greater emphasis on non-military reporting" and for a $200 million increase in the State Department's diplomatic service budget.
Gomersall's most recent foreign assignment was as deputy head of Britain's mission at the United Nations in New York, though for the past two years he worked at the London headquarters of the diplomatic service.
Even the development of foreign service entrance exams and formalization of the diplomatic service in the early 1920s did not eliminate entrenched mindsets believing that the physical conditions overseas and the socially and culturally restrictive customs of diplomacy were reasons not to permit women into the ranks of the "old boys" network.
In late 1605, as part of his diplomatic service, Bocatius accompanied Stephan Bocskai, prince of Transylvania, on his trip to Turkey.
6 million) will be provided for implementation of the law on diplomatic service.
Head of Diplomatic Service and Permanent Secretary at Department for International Development meet President and Prime Minister of Somalia.
I made my way into diplomatic service in order to serve the state of Israel, and it's a difficult job.