diplomatic pouch

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a mail pouch that is sealed shut and that is used to carry communications between a legation and its home office

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Implicated in the case were an ex-official from the Peruvian government, an ex-police colonel, and the Panamanian general consul in New York, who used a diplomatic pouch to get the piece into the United States.
We later sent Sakharov a copy by diplomatic pouch and were gratified when we again called and he said he would sign it.
The Nazis also regularly sent Jewish jewelry by diplomatic pouch to the German legation in Bern, Switzerland, where it was picked up by a German agent who sold it in Switzerland for war materiel, the report said.
The package made its way to Washington via a diplomatic pouch.
Legend tells of how the origin seeds were smuggled in a diplomatic pouch to create this world class cigar.
It also allows UK diplomatic passport holders, diplomatic pouch bearers and special envoys to embark on visa-free travel to Bahrain for a maximum of six months.
Expression of Interest for Expedition of Mail and Diplomatic Pouch Services
It was reported that Khartoum justified its move by saying that he British government sponsored corporation imported unauthorized devices through the diplomatic pouch two years ago.
Tests showed spores had been found in two mailrooms, on a diplomatic pouch bound for the US Embassy in Lima, Peru, and on mail in a building next door.
This week, the items were sent by diplomatic pouch to New Zealand by the British Government, then hand carri ed to Antarctica by Meacher.