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Sanctions) are best viewed not as punishment but as catalyst'' to push forward diplomatic negotiations, said Frank Jannuzi, who is a staff member of the Democrats in the Senate.
This phenomenon can be observed in diplomatic negotiations across the board: whether in negotiations for the new cybersecurity strategy being prepared by the EU, the on-going preparations for the ITU World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) in Dubai in December 2012 or at the Internet Governance Forum 2012 currently taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Referring to Aso's declining support rates, Ozawa said, ''It is impossible for a leader who is losing public trust to promote effective diplomatic negotiations.
Countries involved in the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear ambitions disagree on the procedures and topics for a working group aimed at smoothing the diplomatic negotiations, a Chinese official said Thursday.
Fortunately, in recent years, diplomatic negotiations have been conducted to develop political, economic, cultural and social ties between the two countries, and the relations continue to develop," he said.
Ailing administrations are liable to make a steady stream of concessions in diplomatic negotiations to impress the public with any results.
Beijing has always called diplomatic negotiations as the best way to achieve a peaceful settlement of the differences between Iran and the West.
The United States had appealed to the Northern Alliance to stay out of the Afghan capital until urgent diplomatic negotiations had produced an acceptable broadbased coalition to fill the power vacuum and prevent a return to civil war.
China and Russia called for diplomatic negotiations as the best way to achieve a peaceful settlement of the differences over Tehran's nuclear program.
I would like to give my hands in creating an environment in which the government is able to carry out good diplomatic negotiations.
The Hasuikes also voiced concerns about their children whom they left behind in the North, and Kaoru Hasuike said he could never agree to their being used in politics and diplomatic negotiations.
The Security Council has indicated that the standoff should be handled through diplomatic negotiations by the countries involved.
Security Council members have agreed they will not take hard-line measures such as economic sanctions against North Korea, putting priority on diplomatic negotiations for the time being.
However, the survey indicated an increased tendency among the public to support a peaceful resolution to the bilateral impasse through diplomatic negotiations, despite Pyongyang's recent announcement that it was withdrawing from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).
New York, Jumada II 21, 1439, Mar 9, 2018, SPA -- Kuwait underlined the importance of achieving an ever-lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan through diplomatic negotiations to reach a settlement; and not through military might.