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government building in which diplomats live or work

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The driver seems to have deliberately taken a sharp turn right into the diplomatic building, witnesses say.
com)-- The need for heightened security in government and diplomatic buildings is a high priority as threats increase.
Authorities have blocked all roads goes toward US diplomatic building in Lahore.
A number of young demonstrators tried to storm the embassy but were repelled by security forces who reinforced their presence in the vicinity of the French diplomatic building.
In Tehran, Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif was quoted as saying the Yemeni government is duty bound under international law to protect diplomatic buildings, an accurate if strange point to be made by a government that held 52 American diplomats hostage in 197981 and that withdrew police from outside the British embassy in 2011 so mobs could overrun it.
Zarif, for his part, referred to the terrorist acts in the past one year against diplomats and diplomatic buildings, and reminded the international conventions and agreements.
A number of security forces were deployed in those streets and the surroundings of government and diplomatic buildings.
The publication of a book by Mark Bertram, Room for Diplomacy: Britain's Diplomatic Buildings Overseas 1800-2000 (Spire Books, 2011) is therefore most welcome.
Russia also asked Poland to take steps to punish those responsible, protect Russian diplomatic buildings and "prevent a repeat of such provocations in the future", the ministry said.
Launched by the European Police (EUPOL) Mission in 2009 with national and international partners, the Ring of Steel established a ring of 25 checkpoints around central Kabul where most of the governmental, international, administrative and diplomatic buildings are located.
The attack took place shortly after the Taliban launched their annual "spring offensive" on April 27, announcing multiple suicide bombings, "insider attacks" by Afghan soldiers and "special military tactics" aiming at international airbases and diplomatic buildings and with the goal of killing as many as possible.
diplomatic buildings in Benghazi, Libya, for more than four hours, killing Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans.
The other articles of the agreement prevent attacks on diplomatic buildings such as embassies and consulates.
He stressed the need to step up security around vital and diplomatic buildings and enhance unity and solidarity.
The council also lauded the outstanding historical Bahraini-UK ties based on mutual respect, calling for the need to step up security measures around vital and diplomatic buildings in order to safeguard the kingdom's stability and protect public and private interests, as outlines by international conventions.