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The EU's foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton will brief most of the bloc's foreign ministers on the talks on Monday, said the three diplomats.
India has already curtailed many privileges enjoyed by US diplomats and has beefed up steps to mount pressure on the US to stop the charges against Khobragade.
News reports had said the family also demanded that the diplomat face trial in Iran.
The Saudi foreign ministry at the time rejected the allegation that the diplomat had been under the influence of alcohol.
The diplomat was carrying gold jewellery in a suitcase.
YOU'LL soon find Her Majesty's diplomats greeting with a namaskar and talking to you in Hindi.
Usually we have between 350 and 400 diplomats outside.
The study mainly focused on diplomat women's experience within their country and abroad in the mission.
ISLAMABAD -- Foreign Office has issued new sets of instructions for all foreign diplomats in Pakistan under which diplomats activities, including that of US, would be fully scrutinized.
The role of the modern diplomat has become more varied and dynamic: conveying to the decision-makers the information and analysis that may assist in determining the strategy to be pursued, on the one hand, and contributing in articulating and molding the manner by which this strategy is to be explained and implemented as a coherent policy, on the other hand.
15 million in cash from a Nigerian diplomat just before he was to board a flight home from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport, an Indian official said yesterday .
The average Kuwaiti diplomat, for example, had 246 unpaid tickets in 1998.
According to papers seen by the Sunday Mirror, one Colombian diplomat was alleged to have committed murder.
When a diplomat purchases or leases property, Tatge said, the Secretary of State requires the Office of Foreign Missions to be notified ahead of time in order approve the transaction.
The visas are good for a year, and can be renewed as long as the servant is working for either a diplomat or an international civil servant.
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