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the condition of being diploid

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One of the four pesticide studies did not find an association between insecticide, fungicide, or herbicide exposures and sex-chromosome diploidy (Smith et al.
Evidence for diploidy at the adenine phosphoribosyltransferase locus.
In all individuals, we observed a maximum of two alleles at each locus, indicating diploidy.
These results suggest that female triploid Yesso scallops can release mature and functional gametes, and aneuploid progeny closest to euploidy, especially diploidy, survive longer.
Normal diploidy was revealed in 21 cases, whereas a hyperdiploid karyotype, showing both numerical and structural changes, was revealed in 5 patients (cases 5, 8, 11, 15, and 21).
hastata is the only odonate species known to be parthenogenetic and one rare examples of an arthropod that fulfils the criteria of obligate parthenogenesis, diploidy, and geographic isolation from sexual relatives.
4) The selection of mature sperm that are capable of binding to the zona pellucida of oocytes and to hyaluronic acid (HA) receptors (4) characterized by low levels of DNA fragmentation (32, 85-86) reduced frequency of chromosomal disorders such as disomy and diploidy (4) and improved probability of success rates (87).
We did nor find associations with aneuploidy of chromosome 1; however, the sperm ACM-FISH assay does not effectively distinguish between disomy 1 and diploidy (Sloter et al.
Chromosome counts were made as additional data to evaluate diploidy or polyploidy using tissues of juveniles (~300 [micro]m in length) brooded within the parental gills, and following the protocol described by Jara-Seguel et al.
In both groups, the mean frequencies of chromosome 18 disomy were within the normal range: the means of frequency of diploidy and sex chromosome disomy were higher than reference values, but only diploidy reached statistical significance (P = 0.