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a huge quadrupedal herbivore with long neck and tail

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A museum spokesman said: "Once it leaves Hintze Hall, taking the Diplodocus on tour would inspire many more millions of people and given the public response we are now seeing how we can involve people in making this tour happen.
6-metre-high Diplodocus longus remained nameless until now, but thanks to Saudi national Johara Albayedh, 'the lady' now has a name.
It may be the smallest of the sauropod family called diplodocids, typified by the well-known Diplodocus, which lived in North America, the researchers said.
US$650,000 was paid in a British auction for the skeleton of a diplodocus dinosaur that roamed what is now the US some 160mn years ago by an unidentified public institution last week.
28 ( ANI ): A rare and fairly complete specimen of diplodocus, which was unearthed in a quarry in Wyoming, USA, has fetched 400,000 pounds at an auction in West Sussex.
95); Random House Saurus Street 5 & 6 A Plesiosaur Broke My Bathtub & A Diplodocus Trampled My Tepee Nick Falk/Tony Flowers ($12.
When Wales was last hit by a major earthquake dinosaurs like triceratops and diplodocus would have been roaming through Snowdonia and the Black Mountains.
They belonged to a dinosaur called Massospondylus, a cousin of the long-necked Diplodocus.
In a time of squeezed resources political heads need to be quick thinking and nimble on their feet but too many councillors in leadership positions have the reactions and footwork of a diplodocus.
On display is half of a Diplodocus braincase, which provides scientists a number of important clues about the large-scale brain structure of this extinct dinosaur.
After the usual papers on subjects such as the impact of continental drift on fauna of the mesozoic era, or improvements in the design of aerofoils for pterodactyl wings, the cave in which the meeting was held became packed with delegates who had come to hear the much-heralded talk by the diplodocus known affectionately to all as 'Doc' and widely regarded as the most brilliant and gifted of all dinosaur scientists.
But at a time when a company such as Ladbrokes (and there aren't many with a similar bodyweight) could have found themselves lumbering along like a doped-up diplodocus, this new site has moved with the times.
KINDER Surprise invites you to take your seats in the shadow of the diplodocus and follow Sid, Manny, Diego and Scrat, as they embark on yet another top adventure in Ice Age 3: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs.
Yes, just like the AMNH, it has a huge dinosaur at its main entrance: a replica of a Diplodocus that was originally at the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, and its new Darwin Centre has state-of-the-art displays (Baker, 2008).
The area in question was in 1986, as it was in 1886, is now, and - given even a minimum dose of common sense from local and state officials - will be in 2086, an excellent place for frogs and unusual salamanders, avifauna, pine trees, thick brambles, and marshy and mucky spots capable of sucking the boots off your feet before you can say Diplodocus.