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Gram-positive bacteria usually occurring in pairs

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In one case of acute bacterial meningitis, Gram staining showed gram-positive diplococci and the UF-100 bacterial count was high, whereas the culture remained negative after 7 days, probably because of antibiotic treatment before lumbar puncture.
Gram staining of clinical specimens allows direct visualization of Gram-negative diplococci within polymorphonuclear leukocytes, supporting the diagnosis of gonorrhea.
While the presence of gram-negative diplococci is no longer confirmatory for Neisseria gonorrboeae, their presence is highly indicative of infection.
Possible cases without a confirmatory laboratory diagnosis are defined as probable by the presence of the appropriate clinical syndrome, with laboratory identification of encapsulated, gram-negative diplococci that are not identified as N.
Many Gram-positive lanceolate diplococci in sputum suggest the presence of Streptococcus pneumoniae.
0 g/L, gram-positive diplococci on Gram staining, and positive PCR results for pneumococci, although cerebrospinal fluid culture was negative.
Laboratory reports of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, urine colony counts above 100,000/ml, and gram-negative diplococci in cerebrospinal fluid smears share a common denominator --all send up red flags in the mind of an infection control practitioner.
pneumoniae that contained gram-positive diplococci were identified by optochin- susceptibility and bile-solubility testing.
a positive blood culture result with gram-negative diplococci triggers an alert with case-patient contact information to infection preventionists, local health department staff, or both) has been shown to increase reporting rates when applied to traditional passive surveillance systems (22,23).