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paralysis of corresponding parts on both sides of the body

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After her mum noticed development delays, with Leah unable to sit up on her own, a MRI scan confirmed she had spastic diplegia.
Spastic diplegia as a complication of interferon Alfa-2a treatment of hemangiomas of infancy.
Over the last couple of years our research group has studied the well-being of adults with spastic diplegia living in South Africa (mostly based in the vicinity of Cape Town).
Harrison Soanes, who turns five in March, is battling to overcome the effects of Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy, which limits movement and mobility.
Mustafa, one of the disabled children with cerebral palsy, has diplegia due to a lack of oxygen reaching the part of his brain responsible for the lower half of his body, resulting in quasi-paralysis.
At 20 months, when Susanna still hadn't begun to walk, doctors confirmed that she had spastic diplegia cerebral palsy.
The search terms used included whole-body vibration, Parkinson's disease, fibromyalgia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, spastic diplegia, spinal cord injury, poliomyelitis, osteoarthritis, low-back pain, anterior cruciate ligament disorder, diabetes, osteoporosis and cystic fibrosis.
9) reported that 90% of their cases with life-threatening hemangiomas exhibited marked regression after receiving IF a-2a subcutaneously; however, neurologic disturbances, such as spastic diplegia and motor development impairment, limit the widespread use of IF (9).
The night at East Z East in the Kings Dock will benefit Susanna Petersburska who is unable to walk independently due to spastic diplegia cerebral palsy.
10 of these subjects had cerabral palsy (CP), 5 had spastic diplegia and 5 had spastic tetraplegia.
Jaleh Samoudi, mother of a five-year-old diagnosed with spastic diplegia, heard about the 'Couture for a Cause' fundraiser through a friend who has been volunteering with the centre for years.
These symptoms progressively worsened and neurological assessment revealed a spastic diplegia associated with reduced sensation to vibration, light touch and pinprick.
Ariella, seven, loves watching Strictly Come Dancing, but has always had to use a walking frame while struggling with spastic diplegia, which forces her to get about on tip-toes.
Four-year-old Ben Elliott was diagnosed with spastic diplegia, a form of cerebral palsy, two years ago.