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change from a simple vowel to a diphthong

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The only text which contains a significant number of diphthongised EY forms (119) is the Cursor Mundi, with 4.
Because all texts, except the Cursor Mundi (Northumberland) and the Avowing of Arthur (Cumberland) come from Yorkshire, the large number of the diphthongised forms in the Cursor Mundi may reflect the specific character of the language of the region.
The survival of the OH type is evident as there are only four instances of the diphthongised forms.
Other texts from Lincolnshire contain mostly conservative EH monophthongs but, unlike the situation in the North, diphthongised EY forms are in consistent use in the East Midland from around 1300 onwards.
The most complicated distribution is found in the relatively late manuscript of The Destruction of Troy (c1400, Lancashire) where numerous conservative EH and OH forms coincide with the diphthongised EY, OW and monophthongised IH forms.
As could be expected, the earliest of them, Layamon, exhibits prevalence of the monophthongal EH and OH forms, while Robert of Gloucester's Chronicle and Sir Ferumbras chiefly contain diphthongised forms.