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a vowel sound that starts near the articulatory position for one vowel and moves toward the position for another

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Ambiguous Ambiguous vowel patterns include diphthongs, Vowel in which the sound produced by one vowel glides into another (shouted and boil), and r influenced vowels (marched).
This caused all back vowels to front and all short vowels (except naturally /i/) and diphthongs to rise when /i/ or /j/ followed in the next syllable.
Non-initial syllables that do not contain a diphthong or end with geminate or consonant cluster are of the first duration (long vowel occurs in original words only in positions of main stress).
Diphthong occurs with vocative suffix < -e > or <-o > where hiatus does not Occur.
For Greek, though, quite a few problems arise, inasmuch as the only syllables that are specifically represented in Linear B are (1) vowels and occasionally diphthongs and (2) sequences of consonant plus vowel or diphthong.
This process involves the loss of the second part of a diphthong in order to create a monophthong.
one with five basic positions and length contrasts, but while the diphthongs au and ai are rather marginal and heavily restricted in the modern varieties, they may have played a role in Pre-Proto-Pal phonology on par with the long vowels.
Similarly, syllables with diphthongs do not occur among closed or open syllables, since syllables with diphthongs are super heavy.
A syllable consists of a single sound formed by a vowel or a diphthong alone, or sometimes a syllabic consonant alone, or a combination of a vowel or diphthong with one or more consonants.
This allowed Edward Gibbon (himself briefly a Roman Catholic) to let rip: "The profane of every age have derided the furious contests which the difference of a single diphthong exacted between the Homoousians and the Homoiousians.
In the Playing Shakespeare program and his book based on it, Barton points out that the "i" in "time" is a diphthong and that Elizabethans pronounced it so that the two constituents were perceptible to the ear.
Diphthong, by company member Brain Enos and Rooster, by British choreographer Christopher Bruce and set to Rolling Stones hits, filled out the recent programming mix.
In his latest interview, the little German quite definitely referred to his adopted country as Scoat-land, proving that, at the very least, he has mastered central belt diphthong.
Certain Irish accents, with that distinctive diphthong, pushed textual clarity aside and gave us incoherence instead.