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a vowel sound that starts near the articulatory position for one vowel and moves toward the position for another

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Orthographic generalisations for the /-ow/ and /-ou/ diphthong
Participants' production was also recorded and analyzed acoustically for diphthong duration and formant contours of vocalic transitions.
12) These calculations are made counting the diphthongs that appear inside words (e.
The spelling oin is still dubbed a diphthong, but pronounced [w[?
This is a difficult word for speakers with dysarthria due to the long vowel, diphthong, and two plosive consonants all in the same word.
Discussing the correption of diphthongs, he cites Bede's classical specimens but adds yet another example where a diphthong is shortened word-internally, insisting that this, too, is a pagan feature:
In all ISP variant studied there were only three diphthong namely; /ay/.
Specifically, in the case of the oi or oy diphthong (moi becomes [mwe], espoir becomes [espwer]), proper observance of the period pronunciation could transport the listener to the backwoods of the Ardennes instead of to the refined salons of Madeleine de Scudery and the Comtesse de la Suze.
The term diphthong refers to two adjacent vowel sounds occurring within the same syllable.
a 'be overgrown with weeds', in which neither ao or oa can form a tautosyllabic diphthong.
For characterizing oral vowels, the data is collected using Praat software while for identifying nasal vowels and diphthong the data is collected by using discourse centred method.
Vowels and diphthong phonemes were studied from the recordings obtained.
And I uttered a sound that made no sense, but was indelible in the air, a syllable was all that grew in my throat, a diphthong for the pitch of two songs at once, both joy and grief.