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any of several toxic or carcinogenic hydrocarbons that occur as impurities in herbicides

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Q: How does dioxin get from incinerators to people?
Japanese researchers have found high concentrations of accumulated dioxins in whale and dolphin meat sold in Japan, according to a report submitted to an international whaling meeting that opened Monday in Adelaide, Australia.
But the 238 Ranch Hands with the highest dioxin levels in their blood (more than 10 parts per trillion) were 47 percent more likely to have diabetes than those 232 Ranch Hands with the lowest dioxin levels.
But the polar bears' and seals' body fats are laced with dioxin and PCBs that have been released by industries at the lower latitudes.
But tough new pollution standards proposed by the Obama administration could require additional dioxin cleanups at scores of abandoned factories, military bases, landfills and other locations declared safe years ago, officials say.
However, it is understood that the dioxin was formed in the Netherlands.
The Thermo Scientific DFS High Resolution GC/MS (HRGC/HRMS system) achieves the lower levels of detection required with dioxins.
Our capabilities in dioxin analysis and detection exemplify the technological capabilities of Thermo Fisher Scientific, with our commitment to food safety in terms of support and consulting will enable scientists to address these contamination issues as they occur.
Janna Koppe, a pediatrician at the University of Amsterdam, says she and her colleagues began their study after research showed that people in the Netherlands were exposed to dioxin levels twice as high as in other European countries.
Mike Roberts, head of streetcare and countryside for the council, said, 'The December dioxin test result was obviously spurious.
Because it stems from such commonplace activities, most people experience some level of dioxin exposure, usually with little effect.
THE MEAT industry will have to take account of new complex maximum levels for dioxins and dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in food and feed announced by the European Commission this week.
The dioxin level of breast milk in the control group who supplemented their diets with C.
The 20-year Air Force study, involving some 1,951 pilots and ground crew members, reported a 166% increase in diabetes requiring insulin control in subjects with the highest levels of dioxin.
Robert Allen's The Dioxin War: Truth And Lies About A Perfect Poison (0745322123, $$19.