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an oxide containing two atoms of oxygen in the molecule

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As ordinary citizens wring their hands over global warming from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, scientists are wringing new chemical insights from the usually gaseous compound.
Gorelli of the University of Florence and their colleagues made the glass, dubbed carbonia, by intensely squeezing dry ice--a crystalline arrangement of carbon dioxide molecules--between diamond jaws and heating it in a furnace.
The new carbon dioxide glass formed at a pressure of 640,000 atmospheres and a temperature of 700 kelvins, the researchers report in the June 15 Nature.
Jack Pickering of the USGS says the absence of major nitrate reductions conforms to expectations, because releases of nitrogen dioxides have not declined as much as sulfur dioxide emissions.
Although not fashioned to address acid rain, the laws sought to improve air quality by reducing emissions of sulfur dioxide gas, which turns into sulfate in the atmosphere.