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a granular crystalline intrusive rock

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3 / 10 - 10/14 - 0/15 - 0/20 - 0/50 and dioritic 2/4 to 6.
Faulting may also be enhanced given the position of the site along a contact zone adjacent to the eastern edge of the Kathy Road Dioritic Suite.
Ultramafic-basaltic units were encountered in the drilling at the Bomafa and Saanor Prospects on the northern side of a zone of dioritic intrusions.
Plutonic rocks in this area include the Bell Lakes Suite, consisting of three mappable plutons of granodiorite and granite, the Goose Cove Brook Granodiorite, Timber Lake Dioritic Suite, and Indian Brook Granodiorite, all of which are considered as part of the 565-555 Ma calc-alkaline plutonic rocks associated with a continental margin subduction zone (Raeside and Barr 1992).
Drilling during 2010 - 2011 indicates that the Deadwood Gold Zone is hosted in a remarkably consistent upper stratigraphic package with quartz-veined, brecciated and hornfelsed Paleozoic sediments and predominantly mafic volcanic rocks with minor dioritic intrusions overlying a lower package of thinly bedded siltstones, sandstones and minor conglomerates.
Current interpretation of these encouraging results indicates at least four mineralised zones within an intrusive body of granodioritic to dioritic composition, a sheared ultramafic unit (9m @ 1.
Similar bodies of dioritic to granodioritic composition and Tertiary age have also been recognized in Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands (Lidiak and Jolly, 1996).
The primary exploration target within the Orofino Project is bulk tonnage heap leachable gold and silver mineralization within quartz-carbonate veins, shears and structurally controlled breccias hosted in andesitic to dioritic volcanic rocks and associated with dacite dykes and sills.
Lot 3: supply by dioritic delivery of gravel washed.
The similarities suggest that the rocks represent the same sedimentary unit at different grades of metamorphism, implying a major crustal break under the area of mixed dioritic and granitic rocks that separates the gneissic and lower grade rocks.
Further drilling at the Picaron porphyry copper target, which now totals 3,707m in seven diamond drill holes, has cut a fully formed, dioritic porphyry copper-gold-moly system, with multiple intrusive phases and veinlet types, but with low metal grades to date.
The primary exploration target within the Orofino Project is bulk tonnage heap leachable gold and silver mineralization with quartz-caarbonate veins within shears and structurally controlled breccias hosted within andesitic to dioritic volcanics associated with dacite dykes and sills.
Gold mineralization is hosted within a series of sheeted, shear-hosted quartz veins, silicified biotite-diopside schist and silicified granitic to dioritic dykes.
The mafic volcanic units of the Aurora Group are intruded by numerous porphyritic felsic dykes and dioritic magnetic dykes and by the synvolcanic granodioritic Bruell Pluton.
The Antigonish Highlands plutons are part of an expanded I-type granitoid suite that ranges in composition from dioritic to granitic and likely formed in a continental margin subduction zone (Escarraga 2010; Murray 2011).