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a granular crystalline intrusive rock

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Small tonalitic to dioritic bodies (Mill Brook quartz diorite and related plutons) occur along the margins of these large plutons.
2010, Dioritic intrusions of the Slavkovsky les (Kaiserwald), Western Bohemia: their origin and significance in late Variscan granitoid magmatism, Int.
Less frequently, the same minerals occur on the surfaces of altered dioritic gneiss xenoliths, and microcline, clinochlore, cerian epidote and synchysite-(Ce) have all been identified as rare accessory minerals in vugs within the calcite vein.
Gabbroic and dioritic facies are recognized locally.
This black sand contrasts with the general idea of white or gold sand in coralligenous, calcareous, or dioritic areas.
Martin (1988) calls the rock type of the production bore dark granite, but his description that 'the dark colour reflects the higher proportion of mafic minerals which occur in the granite' suggests that the hole was, in fact, developed in a granodioritic to dioritic dyke.
Mineralization consists of fine-grained disseminated gold hosted by dacitic to dioritic subvolcanic porphyries.
The gold/silver mineralisation occurs in high temperature quartz veins filling fissures in a dioritic batholith of Jurassic age.
Recent surface mapping highlighted the fact that the veins are not straight but are located in a flexure point of the general north-south regional structural trend near-vertical andesite to dioritic dykse and normal faults which may suggest the presence of discordant structures in the Rosario target area.
Two distinct mineralized areas, approximately two kilometres apart, have been discovered hosted by altered dioritic and grandioritic rocks.
The results of petrographic studies indicate that the rocks are mostly of doleritic to dioritic compositions characterized by vein and cavity fillings of calcite.
Raeside and Barr (1990, 1992) positioned the EHSZ along the westernmost fault splay at the western edge of the Kathy Road Dioritic Suite and therefore in-bound of the contact with the Carboniferous basin, suggesting that the fault being exploited is not the EHSZ.
The two granitoids contain local bodies of the basement consisting of fine-grained doleritic to medium-grained dioritic rocks.
Current interpretation of these encouraging results indicates at least four mineralised zones within an intrusive body of granodioritic to dioritic composition, a sheared ultramafic unit (9m @ 1.
The landmark development from this project has identified high gold values in veins metres below surface and a comprehensive large scale stockwork vein system that covers the entire underground development and the surfaced exposed dioritic body.