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a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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According to Pauline Wakeham, "The diorama purports to be an idealized space of aesthetic contemplation--what Haraway describes as, 'a side altar, a stage an unspoiled garden in nature'--this quasi-spiritual rhetoric masks the brutal power relations that shape the dioramic field of vision.
the wide world presented its wild, bizarre beauty in dioramic and panoramic patterns in front of which groups of trappers, Indians, gipsies [sic], Chinese and Eskimos moulded into a colourful scenery.
In comparing the moving images of cinema with the still, photographic scenery which the stereoscopic lens of the dioramic apparatus delivers to "tip of the tongue," Kafka finds the latter superior.
I submit that this combination of excursions and jaunts, high and low entertainments, serious study and pleasurable reading shapes Virginia Woolf's consciousness, and leaves a variegated trace on her adult works; history is real and artificial, dioramic and malleable, and monumental and imposing.
For the representation of the first scene, which was of a dioramic character, and represented the tempest-tossed bark [.
The American Treasures product is first to star in Karastan's dedicated space, decorating a dioramic display that runs 40 feet along one wall and stands 10 feet high.
Explaining "the principles upon which Dioramic paintings are executed," Daguerre noted in 1839 that his enormous canvases depicted not just panoramic vistas, but views adumbrated by light shifts producing "an infinity of other effects similar to those which nature presents in her transitions from morning to night, and the reverse" (An Historical 85).
Memory Lane, a dioramic interpretation of a rural 1940s-era home, is the dramatic result.
Three dioramic panels will feature advertising on two panels and a public service announcement-such as information about bus routes or the transit system-on the third.
In contrast to the dioramic paradigm, Clarence Major's Some Ob- servations of a Stranger at Zuni in the Latter Part of the Century and Painted Turtle.