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a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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This became even more so by the 1920s with the shift from the dioramas and scenic railroads that had once appealed to adults with cultural roots in the dime museum to the raw excitement of the giant roller coasters that attracted a daring crowd of youth.
This paper looks at the background and processes of bringing the battlefields to the Australian public through the creation of relief (three-dimensional) maps, plan models and dioramas.
Often people look at the diorama pictures I've taken and wonder how I got all those animals to stand there long enough to photograph; they don't realise they're actually stuffed,''he says.
In this section, a diorama depicts an engineer outpost during World War I.
While the plaster was drying, students painted their diorama scenes to scale in acrylic paint on illustration board.
The diorama or manikined display is perhaps one of the most malleable, yet ultimately fixed, of all display types.
Further, the passage can serve as evidence for the vehemence with which Native Americans might respond to the tribal leveling inherent in the diorama.
Entries will be judged on three criteria: Spirit (how well entries demonstrate a love for the Paper Mario franchise), Creativity (how well entries demonstrate creativity) and Quality (the overall artistic quality of the diorama as showcased in the submitted photo or video).
Next to them were tables carrying intricate dioramas (landscapes) where only the tiny plastic figures looked manufactured.
In early December, department officials caved and informed Temple members that their diorama could be displayed Dec.
Jansson also completed diorama backgrounds for the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia and the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.
Students are shown how to cut out, score and fold cardboard to make a small box for their diorama, and are cautioned in how to use a glue gun.
Because the viewer was forced to experience it from one side and one side only, Comber's muscular '70s sculptural idiom--think of Gordon Matta-Clark's architectural fragments infused with the implicit menace of Richard Serra's prop pieces--was nullified, essentially presented as a diorama.
Baumbach, the son of novelist and critic Jonathan Baumbach and onetime Village Voice film critic Georgia Brown, has admitted that ``The Squid and the Whale'' (the title refers to a diorama at New York City's Museum of Natural History) is ``semi-autobiographical,'' and, indeed, the film has the ring of authenticity that comes from having lived through a childhood nightmare.
Don Prechtel works on one of the background murals for a diorama at the UO Museum of Natural and Cultural History.