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a picture (or series of pictures) representing a continuous scene

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The diorama serves as a tribute to both the character of Uncle Sargam and Farooq Qaiser who, apart from creating the character of Uncle Sargam, has also trained many new artists during his illustrious career and has hence become an institute unto himself.
Masi Museebtay and Rolla, two other famous characters from Kaliyan, were also present and are also represented in the diorama, along with Uncle Sargam, Shatir Dehlvi, Mian Connections, Bonga, Santri Badshah and Main Muqeem.
The birth of Jesus or the Nativity was the living diorama carried by the ninth carroza.
Devastated at what had happened, William decided to commission Peter Spicer to immortalise the little dog in a diorama as a gift for Henry.
A ribbon cutting ceremony was also performed in front of Hazara diorama in full view of the national media.
In Salt Range diorama rocks are so artistically displayed that it gives full insight of the geology of the area from East to West.
So, in the wake of the movie, Manila Bulletin also set out to create the most ambitious Star Wars LEGO diorama in Manila.
She yanked down an angel, which had been suspended with a piece of fishing line above flames, and attempted to walk off with the diorama before police stopped her.
Many scenes pushed this staging to an extreme, as if Woodman employed the diorama as a subversive structure--or even genre--for shooting a "fashion" photograph.
Each photograph represents two artistic processes- nature as interpreted through the craftsmanship and artificial sculptures of diorama artisans, and the reversal of art brought back to reality through the medium of photography.
99) comes from an acclaimed modeler who shows how to make dramatic dioramas to showcase models, and uses a step-by-step approach to diorama modeling that includes selecting the right foundation for the display, painting and using realistic elements, and creating dioramas that profile figures.
However, she said she finds her pictures are not obscene, and even thinks it is "funny to decorate" her vagina and turn it into a diorama.
Llegue a la direccion de Diorama de la Cultura por invitacion de Julio Scherer Garcia y para mi fue una epoca realmente esplendida y maravillosa.
Contents: The Formation of a Panoramaniac -Introduction: Moving Panorama -a Missing Medium -The Incubation Era: Antecedents and Anticipations -Large as Life, and Moving: The Peristrephic Panorama -Rolling Across the Stage: The Moving Panorama and the Theatre -Transformed By The Light: The Diorama and the "dioramas" -The Panoramania, or The Mid-Century Moving Panorama Craze -Panoramania in Practice: Albert Smith and his Moving Panoramas -The Moving Panorama Performance: an Excavation -Intermedial Tug of War, or Panoramas and Magic Lanterns -Sensory Bombardment: a Medium's Final Fanfares -The Discursive Transfiguration of the Moving Panorama -Conclusion: From Panoramas to Media Culture.
Jim exhibited the winning 1:16 scale diorama at the 2012 National Farm Toy Show in Dyersville.