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a unit of measurement of the refractive power of a lens which is equal to the reciprocal of the focal length measured in meters


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Corneas with a steep surface slope have a small radius of curvature and high dioptric power, while corneas with a flat surface slope have a large radius of curvature and low dioptric power.
Between-group mean [+ or -] standard deviation dioptric values for monocular accommodation resulting from static accommodative target located at indicated distance.
To bend and magnify rays to form a single plane of intense light, catadioptric prisms refract and reflect; dioptric prisms and center bull's-eye lens refract.
Its adjustable arm allows fast positioning of the microdisplays into the preferred angle of view, and differences in pupil distance and dioptric correction are also easily adjustable.
Largely, this evidence comes from studies which show that moderate artificially-induced dioptric defocus of emmetropic (or corrected ametropic) individuals has less of a negative impact on performance than might be expected.
Accommodation is the process whereby the crystalline lens changes its dioptric power to focus precisely and maintain the object of interest at the high-resolution fovea [1].
5 Optical Focal diopter >20 >18 range Offset diopter -5 plus/minus 2 -5 plus/minus 3 dioptric power Wave um <0.
25mm Dioptric Correction from +5 to -5 from +5 to -5 Exit Pupil Distance 15mm 15mm Focusing Range 4.
Like other Sure Shot cameras, the 130u II model is equipped with a wide range of useful standard features including automatic film loading, auto advance and auto rewind, together with a self-timer function, manual exposure compensation, a dioptric correction adjustment for the zoom viewfinder and optional mid-roll rewind.
His current projects include the application of liquid crystals in contact lenses whereby applying voltage can change refractive index, creating useful dioptric shifts, a technology that seems within grasp given the parallel advances in micro-battery development.
5x Objective Lens Diameter 22mm Angle of View 4 Field of view 236 feet at 1,000 yards Elevation scale 100-1,300 meters Windage scale 10 Mils in either direction Dioptric Correction None Exit Pupil 6mm Eye Relief 2.
The least-studied accommodative effect in TBI has been dynamic accommodative infacility, which is diagnosed when a patient exhibits a slowed accommodative response to a change in either dioptric lens power or target distance that can occur either alone or in conjunction with either accommodative insufficiency or excess [6].
Other Features * Worry-Free All-Weather Design -- Protects against rain, snow or splashing * Auto Color-Balancing Flash System -- Ensures natural lighting, even in photographs taken in artificial light * Landscape Mode -- Photos taken of distant scenery are always sharp and clear * Dioptric Correction -- Dioptric correction of -2 to +1 per meter is built in to compensate for different eyesights * Remote Control -- Allows shutter to be released from up to 16.
People with less then perfect vision will rejoice when using the new Ferrari binoculars, because a built-in dioptric correction adjusts to each user's individual eyesight to ensure that viewers will always see action clearly.