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any of a class of alcohols having 2 hydroxyl groups in each molecule

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Perstorp will showcase its strength in alkyd and polyester resin products with highlights from its Penta, Di-Penta and TMP multi-functional polyols, Bis-MPA for waterborne resins as well as BEPD and Neo diols.
The crosslinking density was adjusted by changing the content of crosslinking agent and the molecular chain length of polyether diol.
1988) reported the transformation of [beta]-myrcene (1) by Diplodia gossypina to yield three diols known as 2-methyl-6-methylene-7-octene-2,3-diol (2), 6-methyl-2-ethenyl-5-heptene-1,2-diol (3) and 7 methyl-3-methylene-6-octene-1,2-diol (4) (Scheme 1a).
This is readily understandable, since diols would simply lengthen polymer chains and so would not be very effective in boosting the crosslink density of the material.
This prepolymer was combined with proprietary diol, mixed and poured into a tray.
The current major solvent types within this market are alcohols, glycols, and diols.
In this article, the aqueous polyurethane dispersions derived from HMDI, various polycarbonatediols and various carboxylic diols were prepared by our newly developed method.
Low unsaturation, all-PO diols at 4,000 mw were also produced in the same manner.
This patent covers methods for the production of single isomer diols and derivatives useful in drug manufacture.
3] used polycaprolactone diols as polyester diols, and studied how biodegradability depended on their molecular weight and also on the chemical structure of a diisocyanate.
It is at least four times more costly than the diols used in PET and PBT, so CHDM-based copolyesters command sizeable price premiums.
The polyurethane, because of its unique combinations of certain hydrophilic and hydrophobic diols and controlled water, exhibits superior slip, hydrophilicity and wet strength.
Chain extenders are generally low molecular weight organic diols.
These include 1,4-butanediol, Caytur 21 and 31 delayed-action amine curatives, HQEE diol chain extender, MBCA, Ethacure 300 (an aromatic diamine alternative to MBCA), ethoxylated trimethylolpropane, and three Vibracure diols.
Using modified polyethylene ether carbonate diols with diisocyanates such as MDI and toluene diisocyanate (11), and polypropylene glycol (12), they studied how the modification influenced physical and thermal properties and the polymer morphology of the TPUs.