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any of a class of alcohols having 2 hydroxyl groups in each molecule

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Perstorp will showcase its strength in alkyd and polyester resin products with highlights from its Penta, Di-Penta and TMP multi-functional polyols, Bis-MPA for waterborne resins as well as BEPD and Neo diols.
The crosslinking density was adjusted by changing the content of crosslinking agent and the molecular chain length of polyether diol.
1988) reported the transformation of [beta]-myrcene (1) by Diplodia gossypina to yield three diols known as 2-methyl-6-methylene-7-octene-2,3-diol (2), 6-methyl-2-ethenyl-5-heptene-1,2-diol (3) and 7 methyl-3-methylene-6-octene-1,2-diol (4) (Scheme 1a).
Synthesis of oligocarbonate diols from ethylene carbonate and aliphatic diols catalyzed by alkali metal salts.
The stoichiometric results indicated consumption of 1 mol of diols consumes 1 mol NCSA as represented by the following empirical equation:
Among their topics are the influence of factors on third-order non-linear optical properties of metal-organic complexes, the synthesis and properties of chiral ferrocynylalcohols and diols, fundamentals of immobilization of organometallic complexes on aluminosilicate materials, ionic liquids in the organometallic field, ruthenium complexes for asymmetric transfer hydrogenation, shaping the cytotoxity of organometallics and complex anti-tumorals by molecular encapsulation, and the molecular basis for the behavior of niobia species in oxidation reactions.
The diols were characterized using gel permeation chromatography, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and [.
BASF has appointed Christ of Herion director of production for its intermediates unit located in Geismar, LA, where diols, derivatives and amerces are produced.
Bioactivation of leukotoxins to their toxic diols by epoxide hydrolase.
We studied segmented PUs whose soft segments were formed by PCL diols, but hard segments from PLA triols and HDI or 4,4'-methylene bis(cyclohexyl) diisocyanate ([H.
Hauptman, Dehydroxylation of Diols and Polyols; Brookhaven National Laboratory, The DuPont Company, Patent WO 0198241 (2001).
In the case of polyols made with a mixture of PEG and butanediol, the incorporation ratio of respective diols could be easily determined from the integration of the ester methylene protons in the region 4 to 4.
Effects of sugars and diols on enzyme potentiated desensitization.
The Brookhaven/DuPont collaboration used a ruthenium-based catalyst to accelerate oxygen removal from diols -- organic compounds common in plants that contain hydrogen, oxygen and carbon compounds.