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any of a class of alcohols having 2 hydroxyl groups in each molecule

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The average cell size of FPUFs reduced from 1034 to 766 pm with the increased Mw of polyether diol (Fig.
Glutathione Stransferase A1-1-catalysed conjugation of bay and fjord region diol epoxides or polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with glutathione.
1988) reported the transformation of [beta]-myrcene (1) by Diplodia gossypina to yield three diols known as 2-methyl-6-methylene-7-octene-2,3-diol (2), 6-methyl-2-ethenyl-5-heptene-1,2-diol (3) and 7 methyl-3-methylene-6-octene-1,2-diol (4) (Scheme 1a).
Synthesis of oligocarbonate diols from ethylene carbonate and aliphatic diols catalyzed by alkali metal salts.
On comparing the values of rate constants obtained in the case of two diol viz.
PAH diol epoxide formation occurs immediately and is not a theoretical long- term effect.
Table 1: Formulation of the PU coatings using the novel PS- and PrBA- based diols Coating name Diol (g) Acrylic Polyisocyanate MAK polyol (g) (g) (g) PU-PS-PCAP-3% PS-PCAP (0.
It can be concluded from Figs 1a, 1b, and 1c as well as Tables 1 and 2 that both rigid and elastomer type materials with high mechanical properties can be obtained from PCL diols and D,L-lactide triols using HDI or [H.
Methyl group in isopropylidene group of bisphenol A based polysulfone serves for transparency of aromatic diol compound based polysulfone.
The diol and DCE (15 ml/g of resin) were added to each vial, and the mixtures were stirred at 300 rpm at 60[degrees]C for 15 minutes.
One, called oligo([epsilon]-caprolactone) diol, maintains the polymer's temporary form at room temperature and higher.
We hope eventually to have similar commercialization for the propane diol.
PolyFox T material, a fluorinated diol, can be used unreacted as an additive in many coating systems and in polyurethanes or polyesters as a synthetic intermediate.