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an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation

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Diode laser coagulation for intractable hemorrhage from radiation cystitis.
A diode laser is simply a type of laser where the gain medium is a semiconductor--materials such as gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, or indium phosphide, to name a few.
Reaching an additional milestone in hair removal treatments, The Alma Soprano ICE also offers a 1064NM DIODE LASER YAG TECHNOLOGY Handpiece for darker skin types.
Sirona reports on the wide range of applications of diode lasers in a special edition of the English-language "Laser International Magazine of Laser Dentistry".
an innovative manufacturer of highly efficient and reliable high-power diode lasers, today introduced the new AM6-915B family of laser pump diodes, which provide 10 W of 915 nm light output with a high brightness 105 micrometers, 0.
The characteristics of the direct diode laser demonstrate great market potential to us, which is already underlined by existing orders from industrial customers.
The Company's packaged diode lasers can be used in a broad range of applications, including printing, medical, dental, industrial and laser pumping, telecommunications and defense.
Our EPIC X diode laser meets the highest quality and reliability standards we can set as a company, thereby maximizing chairside and hygiene room availability for dentists, hygienists and their patients," said BIOLASE, Inc.
With the telecommunications bubble and crash, alternative long standing segments in which other technologies have traditionally dominated are being slowly populated with direct diode or hybrid diode laser solutions.
Roger Little, CEO and Chairman of Spire Corporation, said, "High power diode laser array technology is of interest to Spire because of its importance to this nation's defense.
com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue: Global Diode Laser Market Analysis and Forecast (2013 - 2018): Pico Projectors, HMD and HUD Key Product Segments for Future Growth Opportunities http://www.
Advanced Laser Company Introduces Comprehensive Veterinary 9W Diode Laser, Featuring Pain Management Functionality
The RayTools-SIRILAS Linear Array is a simple, easy-to-use housing for the SIRILAS diode laser bar.
The Precise SHP Diode Laser perfectly pairs state-of-the-art laser technology with the cutting-edge operating system of an Apple iPod touch
NASDAQ: STKR), a leading independent designer and manufacturer of structured light lasers, LED modules, specialty optical fibers for industry leading OEMs and other photonics-based products, today announced the introduction of the Lasiris[TM] PureBeam laser, a revolutionary fiber-coupled diode laser with wavelength offerings from violet to near infrared.