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a bishop having jurisdiction over a diocese

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Uy is currenly director of both the Diocesan Commission on Liturgy and Diocesan Pastoral Secretariat.
Presidents of the five episcopal areas were also commissioned, together with the diocesan and area chaplains, in addition to officers of the new diocese.
Among those also known to have testified are the diocesan spokesperson and a Kansas City police officer whose opinion diocesan officials had sought on a photo Ratigan allegedly took of a young child.
The sale was approved by the Diocesan Board of Consultors and the Diocesan Finance Committee before being approved by Bishop McManus.
Surely disestablishing that church and taking its land and endowments to support other parishes or pay diocesan debts is as gross a breach of trust.
Looking through previous editions of diocesan publications, similarly, there is much more Welsh in the current diocesan newspaper Pobl Dewi than in its equivalent, say, 30 years ago.
As well as meeting diocesan staff in Newcastle, saying mass at St Mary's Cathedral and visiting Holy Island, Archbishop Faustino Sainz Munoz also called in at the diocesan Youth Village at Allensford near Consett on October 19.
Ancient dioceses were much closer to the size of contemporary parishes, and therefore the intimacy of local community was at one time experienced on the diocesan level.
de Souza who, after inspecting the diocesan website, drew the conclusion that because Fr.
The Parochial Church Council needed the blessing of the Church In Wales' Llandaff Diocesan Advisory Committee to buy a new pounds 23,500 organ.
All 442 retired and active diocesan priests living in the archdiocese were asked to sign, and 128, or 29%, did so.
Common accounts have stressed the work of Samuel Wilberforce as Bishop of Oxford, emphasized the theology of the Tractarians, or subordinated diocesan action to the centralizing reforms of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners.
The organizations--Jewish Rehabilitation Center for the Aged of the North Shore, The Diocesan Health Facilities organization for the Fall River Diocese; Evanswood Center for Older Adults; D'Youville Senior Care Center; Rogerson Communities; and William B.
All of these cases involve claims of individuals, who, as children were sexually abused by one of the following six Bridgeport Diocesan priests: Father Raymond Pcolka, Father Martin Federici, Father Charles Carr, Father William Coleman; Father Joseph Gorecki and most recently a claim against Father Joseph Malloy of St.
Noel Rabonza assured the public that the church, along with the other diocesan heritage churches, would be preserved.