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Synonyms for dint

by dint of


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interchangeable with 'means' in the expression 'by means of'

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Even Solomon Daisy himself, by dint of the elevating influences of fire, lights, brandy, and good company, so far recovered as to handle his knife and fork in a highly creditable manner, and to display a capacity both of eating and drinking, such as banished all fear of his having sustained any lasting injury from his fright.
Costume, at a glance, gave him a thrilling association with horses (enough to specify the hat-brim which took the slightest upward angle just to escape the suspicion of bending downwards), and nature had given him a face which by dint of Mongolian eyes, and a nose, mouth, and chin seeming to follow his hat-brim in a moderate inclination upwards, gave the effect of a subdued unchangeable sceptical smile, of all expressions the most tyrannous over a susceptible mind, and, when accompanied by adequate silence, likely to create the reputation of an invincible understanding, an infinite fund of humor-- too dry to flow, and probably in a state of immovable crust,-- and a critical judgment which, if you could ever be fortunate enough to know it, would be
He spilled a little of it over the chest which ought to have been so effective, and which had done so little; but on the whole drank it with something of an air, though the coming and going dints got almost as large, the while, as if they had been made by pressure of the teaspoon.
There were some marks in it that might have been dimples, if the material had been softer and the instrument finer, but which, as it was, were only dints.
When great masses of stone and timber fell, the face with the two dints in the nose became obscured: anon struggled out of the smoke again, as if it were the face of the cruel Marquis, burning at the stake and contending with the fire.
A panel of judges consisting of eminent computer scientists, IT experts and technology gurus have selected Tariq Malik for the said award by dint of his contribution in transforming NADRA from an identity card issuing authority to a profitable international business organization.
Since it was introduced in Oman, it has carved out a niche for itself on the sheer dint of rugged reliability, unfailing performance and lowest maintenance/running costs.
Secondly, the Welsh language, by dint of legislation at Westminster and Cardiff Bay, is an official language in Wales.
It makes good sense; after all, nurses are far and away the largest health workforce and by dint of that alone, the chief nurse should sit at the Ministry's top table," he said.
Then, the diagonal size of the dint left after load removal is measured (Fig.
Richard Hannon also saddled three winners, but Hills took the prize by dint of also bagging a runner-up.
Everyone always focuses on lumps, but I knew this dint was a bad sign.
LONDON: Emile Heskey's shock injury-time equaliser struck a massive dint in Chelsea's quest for the Premiership title as visitors Wigan held the Blues to a 1-1 draw at Stamford Bridge last night.
Thomas--a trophy wife herself by dint of her marriage to power attorney Skip Brittenham--writes about these women with a knowing, yet affectionate manner.
For the past few years, he has made a fortune as a personality in India by dint of learning a smattering of Hindi and singing in a band.