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Thus of the original party of eleven Allies and nine Germans that had constituted the company of the U-33 when she left English waters after her capture by the crew of the English tug there were but five now to be accounted for at Fort Dinosaur.
DINOSAUR DELIGHTS JURASSIC WORLD BASHERS AND BITERS AN articulated dinosaur figure from the newlyreleased film Jurassic World, with each dinosaur featuring its own unique attack method, such as a chomping jaw or moveable tail.
uk DINOSAUR CONSTRUCTION KIT TYRANNOSAURUS REX MAKE your own wooden dinosaur by slotting pre-cut plywood pieces together.
para]]Stony Brook paleontologist's re-analysis of largest study of dinosaur growth published in Science[[/para]]
Dinosaurs at School" is a charming title from a cheery, creative learning series called Dinosaur School for pre-K and K level students.
Scientists have discovered the world's oldest collection of fossilised dinosaur embryos near the city of Lufeng, in Yunnan, China.
New Mexico, April 24 (BNA) -- A new dinosaur named "Evil Spirit Buck-Toothed Reptile" bad-toothed reptile demon spirit or the scientific name Daemonosaurus chauliodus found in New Mexico.
Summary: COPHENAGEN (Cihan) - World's oldest dinosaur skeletons which has been brought from Chile and Argentina's Patagonia Region, is being exhibited in Denmark capital of Copenhagen.
Washington, October 31 (ANI): New analyses may wipe out one-third of dinosaur species, with a recent research leading to two dinosaurs being wiped out, as they were not separate species, but different growth stages of previously named dinosaurs.
Canadian scientists announced they had identified the smallest meat-eating dinosaur in North America.
About 125 million years before the two airmen lifted off at Kitty Hawk in their biplane, a 1-meter-long dinosaur was swooping from tree to tree with the same arrangement of wings, a new study suggests.
If my dinosaur story repeats itself there won't be anyone to collect from.
At this centre, the children make nonstandard rulers using dinosaur stamps on a strip of paper.
The Los Angeles Times reports that creationists have been buying roadside dinosaur parks around the country and turning them into anti-evolution museums.
In The Dinosaur Films Of Ray Harryhausen: Features, Early 16mm Experiments And Unrealized Projects, Roy P.