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Synonyms for dinnertime

the customary or habitual hour for the evening meal


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They aren't allowed out at dinnertime, and all their dinner money is on a card, so they don't carry money.
The nursing home staff suggested I come after her nap, but before dinnertime.
com)-- Award-winning morning show The Balancing Act[R] will feature resources for quick dinnertime meals and novel therapies for liver cancer on the show airing on Thursday, January 1, 2015 at 7:30 a.
Sign up for the Dinnertime weekly box, which includes recipes and ingredients for one meat, chicken, fish, and vegetarian dish, totalling up to four meals - delivered right to your doorstep.
DinnerTime Parental Control was created by a team of
The free DinnerTime app can show children how long they have, then shut down their mobile and even show them how long is left until they can leave the table.
The free dinnerTime app can show children how long they have, then shut down their mobile and even tell them how long is left lef until they can leave the table.
The three Swedish entrepreneurs who launched home cooked meal service, DinnerTime in Dubai, are expanding to the capital on April 20.
Men who ate late at night had a 55 percent higher risk than men who did not eat after traditional dinnertime.
Town's full-qualified community coaches have been running a dinnertime club during the whole school year, which well-behaved pupils from Years Five and Six could attend to play football - but only if they had been well-behaved during lessons.
While the majority of moms (57%) eat dinner with their families four to seven nights per week, 74% feel dinnertime is slightly declining as the best opportunity for family togetherness.
21, 2017, will bring a total solar eclipse around dinnertime.
In the majority of households, dinnertime takes place between 6 p.
The book is broken into chapters that include: History of dogs and cats, Pet behaviour, Playtime, Dinnertime, Household Safety, Caring for your pet and Visit to the vet.
We all want to take the stress and hassle out of dinnertime.