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Synonyms for dinnertime

the customary or habitual hour for the evening meal


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8 /PRNewswire/ -- To help encourage families to make the most of dinnertime, Barilla is teaming up with country music star Martina McBride and renowned chef Mario Batali to launch "Share the Table: The Barilla Family Dinner Project" and is inviting American families to make a promise to enhance their dinnertime experiences at http://www.
To me it makes more sense at dinnertime here to order a bento box ($13) that comes with salad, rice and miso soup and offers a number of dish options, than to sit and munch sushi and sashimi snacks a la carte.
Our Pan Pizza has virtually become an American dinnertime icon," said Tom James, chief marketing officer, Pizza Hut.
While eating at home ranks first on the list of "Top Food Trends for 2009"(1) thanks in part to the soft economy, the social benefits of family dinnertime are more enduring reasons to share a meal.
The neighborhood has an abundance of eateries - from breakfast cafes to casual lunch counters to dinnertime bistros.
The commercial humorously highlights Mom's power over the racetrack at dinnertime as the NASCAR drivers are forced to stop racing when Mom leaves the room.
com for a chance to win tickets to a Sara Evans concert and share dinnertime stories backstage.
More than 70 percent of parents experience some sort of stress associated with dinnertime.
Today, as a busy mom, I make it a personal goal to cook and sit down for family dinnertime at least three times a week," stated Evans.
At dinnertime, it was delightful not having to fuss with the car but instead walk through the grassy park to two of Paso Robles' impressive restaurants.
June 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Doris Roberts, known to audiences as "Marie" from Everybody Loves Raymond, joins forces with Kentucky Fried Chicken in an effort to bring families together at dinnertime.
Around dinnertime, my wife, Mary Kate, then three weeks into her ninth month of pregnancy, began to feel the early rumblings that suggested our baby might be with us soon.
July 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Author and traditions expert Meg Cox says dinnertime family rituals are key to building bonds and defining relationships.
Whether it's a humorous ditty describing a memorable slow cooking experience or a passionate poem that relates the importance of family dinnertime, the "Ode to Slow Cooking" contest provides an opportunity for slow cooking lovers to share their tribute to the meal companion.