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Synonyms for dinner

Synonyms for dinner

the main meal of the day served in the evening or at midday

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a party of people assembled to have dinner together

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Tickets for the dinner-jacket show cost pounds 40, including a five-course meal, and are available from Gary McCrory on 07967 351938.
We are told that the industry is in the doldrums, reduced to rehashing successful compilations and citing as 'classical' anything that moves in a dinner-jacket or party-frock.
We've got 50,000 tickets to give away for the film which shows a newly elegant Kurt dumping his scruffy image for a dinner-jacket and bow-tie.
Those hands grab 250 audiences a year and shake them out of their seats with a show that is two parts Delta and three parts Las Vegas - gutbucket funky and dinner-jacket slick.