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the dining table where dinner is served and eaten

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For the sake of their children's health, parents have a responsibility to make every possible effort to take their kids away from the TV and back to the dinner table whenever possible.
Given the amount of talk in Marty's classroom and dinner table about the Sixth Amendment, there's not much doubt about Judd's innocence, and the movie wraps up that plot thread in an hour.
Free Conference Calling Service Creates Virtual Dinner Table
Momma is so obese she hasn't left the house in a decade and has to have the dinner table brought to her.
Another fact page brings the effects of mining to the dinner table, detailing how walleye, a popular sport fish caught in Washington State's Lake Roosevelt, have been found to have higher concentrations of mercury than other sport fish.
If it survives to the dinner table, it can trigger lethal hemorrhagic food poisoning (SN: 7/22/00, p.
It was the custom to line up glasses on the dinner table and take pot- shots at them.
The guidelines go on to suggest that consecrated elements "can be consumed discreetly, out of full view of the congregation, or after the service," pointing out that dishwashing "does not usually take place at a dinner table in front of the guests.
In contrast, Burki's new video installation, To pass round the cakes, 1999, plays with traditional cinematic codes, reworking the familiar set piece around a dinner table, which one has seen in myriad films.
While Pat Robertson and his ilk have been nipping gay-friendly curricula in the bud, a generation of Dutch people have been educated by such curricula and have grown up never heating gays abused in the media, from the pulpit, or at the family dinner table.
The best of the columnists in this collection writing today tend to think small rather than in the grand Lippmannian manner: Art Buchwald, Russell Baker, and Molly Ivins working in a deadpan comic style; Jimmy Breslin and Murray Kempton hanging out around the police precinct and criminal-courts building; Ellen Goodman in casual conversation at the dinner table.
For fun, bring a little bit of whimsy to the dinner table with ``no-shop,'' ``no-cook'' and ``shortcut meals'' that take advantage of convenience foods such as rotisserie chicken, frozen toaster waffles and pasta sauces in the jar, says Schettler of Real Simple magazine.
In experiments akin to the ones carried out by his kids around the dinner table, he asked a panel of initially horrified testers to spit out their food after a specified number of bites.
During an academic conference two years back, I was sitting at the dinner table with a small cluster of Catholic ethicists discussing contemporary moral questions and critiquing the work of several authors when one of my tablemates-aninternationally renowned theologian-turned to ask who l was reading that summer.
Misbehaving at the dinner table can be a cry for attention, so make sure there are no emotional problems or difficulties at school that they're finding it hard to talk about.