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the dining table where dinner is served and eaten

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Los Angeles [USA], Dec 15 ( ANI ): 'The Merc with a Mouth' may have joined Disney, but that doesn't mean he is planning on minding his manners at the dinner table.
The juxtaposition of the table and chair legs brings elegance, while the soft, plush cushioning of the chairs ensures the perfect mix of comfort and style - just right for those long evenings sat around the dinner table.
Rachel said: "When you think of all the spare chairs there must be around the dinner table every Sunday, even if we fill a small percentage every week, it will really add up to make a huge difference.
The head of the Ankara branch of the Turkish Union of Engineers and Architects' Chambers (TMMOB), Tezcan KarakuE-, announced on Wednesday that the total cost of the dinner table, chairs, decorations and meal service at Erdoy-an's iftar dinner at the presidential palace on Monday was over TL 1 million, drawing harsh reactions from opposition parties and many social media users for its extravagance.
I then noticed that the topic of conversation people find most objectionable at the dinner table is sex, which 54pc of people find offensive.
These people blow their noses at the dinner table every time they sit down and then return their dirty tissues to their pockets and carry on eating.
One of those eyeballs across the dinner table moments.
That subversive and controversial 1970s work depicted a triangular dinner table, beautifully crafted place settings for feminist icons such as Sappho and Virginia Woolf and inscribed floor tiles bearing 999 more names, including lesbians Christina of Sweden, Gertrude Stein and Radclyffe Hall.
A LEADING politician stated that hostility to Muslims has "passed the dinner table test".
The idea here is to present much more than a recipe of quick dishes or even child-friendly dishes, but to make the dinner table a center of family engagement--and this is admirably achieved in a pick for parental or general collections alike.
It was an unspoken rule that all family members had to be at the dinner table by 5 p.
MOST Tyneside families spend less than 20 minutes together at the dinner table, a survey has revealed.
A survey by Heinz Taste of Home also found 54 per cent of Cardiff families spent less than 20 minutes at the dinner table together and 79 per cent of families rarely talked about family matters.
A CANCER expert says the salt cellar should be banned from the dinner table.
Yes, you can build, manage, preserve and pass on wealth, even if your parents never discussed the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the dinner table when you were a child.