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a plate from which a diner eats during the main course of a meal

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But as the children step farther away from each other, or as the quarter is held closer to one's eye, the quarter soon can look like it's as big, or bigger, than the dinner plate.
The Dinner Plate Dahlia Collection includes one top-grade tuber each of the pink Sir Alf Ramsey, the creamy Cafe au Lait, and the purple Vancouver.
2 Pink cherry blossoms, a Greek key motif in blue and a grass green dinner plate make up Spring Fever.
99, Dunelm WHITE MAGIC: Platinum band 12-piece, four person, dinner set, PS40; silver lustre goblets, two pack, PS7; Jewel pillar candle holder, silver, PS12, Tesco MONOCHROME STYLE: Amalfi dinner plate, PS14; bowl, PS19; Antoinette glass babule, PS6 each, Silver heart bauble, PS5 each.
95] in the new Botanical Collection with coordinating white dinner plate rimmed in flowers.
The new orchid Confetti line will include a dinner plate, salad plate and individual bowl as well as an extra-large serving bowl.
A cruet set, two sauce tureens, a dinner plate, knives and forks are featured in the Charles Miller auction in London on April 28.
A DINNER plate taken along to the Antiques Roadshow as an after-thought has turned out to be a pounds 100,000 record-breaker.
So if you change to a smaller plate, say a dessert plate not a dinner plate, you can eat up all your food, feel full, but cut down on your portion size
One example, titled "And a Baby Makes Three," features a doll, turkey baster in hand, secured to a retro dinner plate embellished with a baby picture.
Ask your average three-year-old who grew the potato, pickle, lettuce, or pork on her dinner plate, and she'll likely name her neighborhood grocery store.
Moultrie's new Dinner Plate gravity feeder is designed to eliminate a lot of the problems commonly associated with traditional gravity feeders.
But they stumble when it comes to finding a stand in for the roast beef, chicken, or meatloaf on tonight's dinner plate.
Available in a 10 1/2" dinner plate, a 9" soup/pasta bowl, and a 9" salad/dessert plate.
Last year, scientists proposed a new explanation: The presence of flying foxes, a type of bat, on the dinner plate rose with the availability of guns and then declined as the bats became extinct.