dinner party

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a party of people assembled to have dinner together

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At the beginning of the decade, vol-au-vents - a French puff pastry casing with a savoury filling - were the only way to start a dinner party.
It's a dinner party disaster Wanting to fix things, Jay is forced to come up with Plan B, but we're not hopeful.
Music was provided by Marcy David band, making for a delightful dinner party.
amp;nbsp;"At our dinner party, we will exemplify America's fascination with food, entertaining and celebrity.
A couple from the dinner party are trying to reach their teenage children.
The money raised from every dinner party will help Marie Curie provide more free care to people living with a terminal illness and their families.
While voting is a part of gaining a lead in the contest, it is not the sole criteria in deciding the best of dinner party recipes.
Retro food is having a revival and Marie Curie's new fundraising campaign Dinner Down Memory Lane is about holding a dinner party and recreating popular nostalgic food.
Prior to the dinner party His Majesty the Sultan and King Juan Carlos exchanged gifts and souvenir on the occasion of King Juan s visit to the Sultanate.
1) However, author Jane Gerhard, a feminist historian, offers a new dimension to The Dinner Party s history by drawing from financial records that remain in Chicago's possession, as well as numerous interviews with Chicago and her collaborators, and The Dinner Party archives held at Harvard.
The dinner party was attended by the Saudi accompanying delegation, the Pakistani ministers and senior officials and Arab ambassadors to Pakistan.
For those readers unfamiliar with the work, The Dinner Party is a large rectangular table set with 39 embroidered runners and oversized place settings--including individualized sculpted and painted porcelain plates--each one dedicated to a woman from prehistory to the twentieth century.
I've never been able to answer that question about naming your ideal dinner party guests.
Top Tip: If cooking all three courses is a bit too daunting - ask guests to bring a course each and have a potluck party Budget Hosting a dinner party used to require silverware, caviar and champagne - but not for savvy students.
She focuses on the influence of Judy Chicago's art installation The Dinner Party and examines the various feminist art innovations that helped to popularize a feminist women's counter-culture.