dinner party

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a party of people assembled to have dinner together

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I'll learn plain cooking for my holiday task, and the dinner party I have shall be a success.
Also, cookery programmes have played a part in popularising and simplifying dinner party cooking but folk have realised that you don't have to be Margot and Jerry to host a sophisticated dinner soiree.
They had been having a dinner party and weren't immediately aware that a candle in an advent display had set fire to curtains in another room.
To learn more about DuPont(TM) Teflon(R) Be A Dinner Party Producer
However,Meredith Etherington-Smith, who,along with Victoria Mather, advises incompetent party hosts on how not to hold a dinner party in the new Channel 4 programme,believes that throwing a dinner party is an entirely enjoyable and rewarding pastime.
Considering the amount of famous people she has already met and worked with,including movie legends Richard Burton and Kirk Douglas,her choice of guests at this dinner party should prove to be a real insight into the lady herself.
Organisers of the dinner party fund-raising effort want 20,000 hosts to hold a "big dinner party", inviting a minimum of five guests each paying pounds 5 for the appeal.
He reveals in the book: "I had a dinner party and made fish soup for the starter and salmon to follow.
The dinner party, which took place yesterday, was attended by a number of Arab and GCC Ambassadors to Belgium.
A quarter of us find the whole dinner party experience too stressful while a third have seen someone fall out with his or her partner at an evening meal, says a survey by cheese firm Boursin.
It seems the least popular dinner party guests are work colleagues and neighbours.
One dollar gets you a raffle ticket, and a chance to invite nine friends to attend the Ultimate Dinner Party with Cold Stone Cakes at Kathy Casey Food Studios.
The series about Coventry friends in London is written by city writer Stewart Harcourt and the BBC said the scene was meant to highlight the ignorance of the other people at the dinner party.
A "cheat's charter" was launched yesterday for dinner party hosts who pass off ready meals as their own creations.
How would this compare to a real dinner party of yours?