dinner pail

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a pail in which a workman carries his lunch or dinner

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She would have ready a great pot full of steaming black coffee, and oatmeal and bread and smoked sausages; and then she would fix them their dinner pails with more thick slices of bread with lard between them--they could not afford butter--and some onions and a piece of cheese, and so they would tramp away to work.
She did not actually set a date for her death, so her many fans will have plenty of time to pray, and to lay in stocks of beer and snacks for the inevitable re-runs of her finest work when she does hand in her dinner pail.
com that I will be handing in my dinner pail on February 4, 2012, though the credibility of this received a severe knock when my brother took the self-same test and it told him that he had been dead for a decade already.
He was a humanitarian whose primary goal was, as he put it, "to help the farmer and fill the poor man's empty dinner pail.
He reminded us that anything that helps to fill a dinner pail is valuable, and he bore down hard on the relationship between soil, fertilizer and growth.
Demonstrating that good old-fashioned Romany fortune-tellers are a great deal more reliable than the internet, which forecast that I would be handing in my dinner pail last Saturday.